US – Experts recommend universal screening of newborns for congenital adrenal hyperplasia…

[09-07-2010 PhysOrg]


Experts recommend universal screening of newborns for congenital adrenal hyperplasia

September 07, 2010

Today, The Endocrine Society released a new clinical practice guideline on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). The guideline features a series of evidence-based clinical recommendations developed by an expert task force.

The guideline, published in the September 2010 issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), a publication of The Endocrine Society, is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatric Endocrine Society, the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, the European Society of Endocrinology, the Society for Pediatric Urology, the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society, and the CARES Foundation.

CAH is a genetic disorder of the adrenal glands that affects about one in 10,000 to 20,000 newborns, both male and female. The adrenal glands make the steroid hormones cortisol, aldosterone and androgens. In individuals with CAH, the adrenal glands produce an imbalance of these hormones which can result in ambiguous genitalia in newborn females, infertility and the development of masculine features such as development of pubic hair, rapid growth in both girls and boys before the expected age of puberty.

“If CAH is not recognized and treated, both girls and boys undergo rapid postnatal growth and early sexual development or, in more severe cases, neonatal salt loss and death,” said Phyllis Speiser, MD, of Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York and Hofstra University School of Medicine, and chair of the task force that developed the guideline. “We recommend that every newborn be screened for CAH and that positive results be followed up with confirmatory tests.”

Other recommendations from the guideline include:

• Prenatal treatment of CAH should continue to be regarded as experimental. Such therapies should be pursued through protocols approved by Institutional Review Boards at centers capable of collecting outcomes data on a large number of patients so that risks and benefits of this treatment can be defined more precisely;
• Diagnosis should rest on clinical and hormone data while genotyping should be reserved for equivocal cases and genetic counseling;
• Regarding treatment, glucocorticoid dosage should be minimized to avoid iatrogenic Cushing’s Syndrome. Mineralcorticoids and, in infants, supplemental sodium are recommended in classic CAH patients;
• Clinicians should avoid the routine use of experimental therapies to promote growth and delay puberty, and patients should avoid adrenalectomy;
• Early single-stage genital repair should be considered for severely virilized girls and should be performed only by surgeons experienced in this type of procedure;
• Clinicians should consider patients’ quality of life, consulting mental health professionals as appropriate;
• At the transition to adulthood, clinicians should monitor for potential complications of CAH; and
• Clinicians should exercise judicious use of medication during pregnancy and in symptomatic patients with nonclassic CAH.

“People with classic CAH should have a team of health care providers, including specialists in pediatric endocrinology, pediatric urologic surgery (for girls), psychology and genetics,” said Speiser. “Other than having to take daily medication, people with classic CAH can have a normal life.”

More information: The fact sheet can be found online at:
http://www.hormone … l-081310.pdf

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Medical treatment carries possible side effect of limiting homosexuality

From The LA Times:,0,5576220.story

A prenatal pill for congenital adrenal hyperplasia to prevent ambiguous genitalia may reduce the chance that a female with the disorder will be gay. Critics call it engineering for sexual orientation.

By Shari Roan, Los Angeles Times

August 15, 2010

Each year in the United States, perhaps a few dozen pregnant women learn they are carrying a fetus at risk for a rare disorder known as congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The condition causes an accumulation of male hormones and can, in females, lead to genitals so masculinized that it can be difficult at birth to determine the baby’s gender.

A hormonal treatment to prevent ambiguous genitalia can now be offered to women who may be carrying such infants. It’s not without health risks, but to its critics those are of small consequence compared with this notable side effect: The treatment might reduce the likelihood that a female with the condition will be homosexual. Further, it seems to increase the chances that she will have what are considered more feminine behavioral traits.

That such a treatment would ever be considered, even to prevent genital abnormalities, has outraged gay and lesbian groups, troubled some doctors and fueled bioethicists’ debate about the nature of human sexuality.

The treatment is a step toward “engineering in the womb for sexual orientation,” said Alice Dreger, a professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at Northwestern University and an outspoken opponent of the treatment.

The ability to chemically steer a child’s sexual orientation has become increasingly possible in recent years, with evidence building that homosexuality has biological roots and with advances in the treatment of babies in utero. Prenatal treatment for congenital adrenal hyperplasia is the first to test — unintentionally or not — that potential.

Continue reading at:,0,5576220.story

This CAH is a referred to as a rare disorder.  It seems as though the cure they are seeking is not for CAH but rather for lesbianism.  Never mind how this sounds like something cooked up by Dr. Mengele, why should lesbianism be something in need of a cure?

On digging deeper the little Mengeles doing this research seem very concerned about cranking out “feminine” girls who will grow up accepting their feminine lot in life.

This starts raising all sort of question regarding the ethic of the Mengeles proposing this.

Would they say support a medication that could prevent autism, a rather frequent birth disorder if it say had a side effect of causing a 100% likelihood of the infant being born gay or lesbian.

When living in a world where right wing religious fanatics wield so much power it is reasonable to not only question proposed treatments for the genocide of lesbians in utero but to ask if these same researchers might not have played a role in the spread of AIDS.

There I have said it…  Given voice to the paranoid conspiracy question my gay male friends and I first asked when the Dispensationalist/Dominionist Taliban Christians first came to power and nearly immediately gay men started dying left and right while the right wingers in power did next to nothing to deal with it.

Just Say No to Pre-Natal Genocide of LGBT/TQI People

‘Gender bending’ chemical in food tins may cut male fertility

Wonderfully stupid Benny Hill phrasing aside (gender bending) I found this interesting article in The Daily Mail

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 10:34 AM on 5th August 2010

A ‘gender bending’ chemical in food and drinks containers could be behind rising male infertility, scientists say.

Men with high levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) in their bodies are more likely to have low sperm counts, according to a study.

BPA is widely used to harden plastics and is found in baby bottles, CD cases, plastic knives and forks and the lining of food and drink cans.

The chemical mimics the female sex hormone oestrogen and interferes with the way hormones are processed by the body.

Although some animal studies have shown it is safe, others have linked it to breast cancer, liver damage, obesity, diabetes and fertility problems.

Experts estimate BPA is detectable in more than 90 per cent of people.

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Christine Jorgensen and Roberta Cowell

It has been some 40 years since I read Christine Jorgensen’s carefully redacted ghost written “autobiography that came out about the same time I came out.

A year or so latter I saw that horribly done film version of her life story starring some no name boy who looked like the foot ball player in drag that he was.

I met Christine at the San Francisco premiere of the film.  I was young and terribly sexy wearing one of my sleazy dresses from a Telegraph Avenue boutique that I loved, she reminded me of one of my chain smoking never married aunts who lived in LA and went to Las Vegas for her kicks.

But Christine’s story had never been the transsexual life story that captured my imagination.  I was too young or perhaps too scared of my own problems with being a transkid to express any interest in it when she was a news item.  Possibly I was too sheltered by my environment.

The transsexual stories that did get my attention started filtering into my active awareness about 1960 or so and centered around the stars of Le Carousel in Paris.  Coccinelle, Capucine, Bambi and April Ashley were the sisters I found ready identification with.  Coccinelle was as they said of buxom sexy women in those days, “a Bombshell”, a transsexual Bridget Bardot or Jayne Mansfield.

April Ashley’s story hit the tabloids the summer of 1962 and gave me a name for what had been euphemistically referred to by my parents as “my problem”.  My problem being that I was an obvious transkid blossoming into a teen queen.  One who got busted regularly for dressing in mommy’s clothes and for showing signs of wanting to be noticed by the sort of boys who would take me riding in their cars.

As a historian I have actually worked on recollecting books I once had and either sold or lent and never saw again.

Over the last year this blog has attacked  the all too frequent claims of often contradictory and generally sketchy forms of intersex on the part of people who are garden variety women born with transsexualism.

Everyone of them seems to think they are original in making these claims.  Yet nearly 60 years ago Roberta Cowell was making similar claims of spontaneous changing of secondary sex characteristic and trashing Christine Jorgensen as a homosexual transvestite because Christine’s body didn’t respond as well to her hormone regime.  At the same time according to the biography written by Richard Docter, Christine was also making unsubstantiated claims to being physically intersex.

Both were making these claims at a time prior to Dr. Georges Burou development of the pioneering surgical techniques that gave those who graduated from Le Carousel their vaginas.

But more importantly these two were the pioneers of what has now become the infamous, “I’m real and you are not” trash talking among women born with transsexualism who had similar if not identical sex change operations.

And this claim is documented not speculative thanks to biographies and ghost written “autobiographies”.

Taiwanese TV host had sex change operation in Singapore


Popular TV host, Liching, underwent a sex change operation 29 years ago in Singapore. -TNP

Sun, Jan 31, 2010
AsiaOne and TNP

By Charlene Chua and Germaine Lim

HER legions of fans in Singapore and Taiwan idolise her for her looks, her skills at auctioning anything and her husky voice.

Now, they will have another reason to gawk.

Six years ago, popular 48-year-old Taiwanese TV host Liching had shocked the Asian showbiz scene when she announced that she was a hermaphrodite who had a sex change operation to become a woman.

The term hermaphrodite is used to describe a person who is born with ambiguous genitalia.

But now, in a bizarre twist, the doctor who had encouraged her to undergo surgery in Singapore 29 years ago has come out to say that she was not a hermaphrodite, but a man.

Dr Zhang Qizhong exposed her in a Taiwanese medical journal that he wrote to document his 35 years in medicine.

He said the article was meant only for internal circulation to encourage people to face their sexuality, reported Next magazine, a Hong Kong weekly.

But the Asian media soon picked it up, leaving Liching distraught and forcing her into hiding.

Dr Zhang had referred Liching to a Singapore hospital in 1981 for her sex change operation because such surgery was then illegal.

It is likely that the operation was performed by the late Prof S S Ratnam, who was then the only Singapore surgeon skilled enough to carry out a sex change operation.

Prof Ratnam was a pioneer in sex change operations. His department atKandang Kerbau Hospital had performed 500 such operations between 1971 and 1995.

Continue reading at:

The trouble with the whole “I wasn’t transsexual, I was really intersex.” lie is that it is too easy to contradict.  Especially when ever garden variety of sister tries to pull it.  Especially given how few brothers try to pull it when the logic of infant genital surgery for sex assigning purposes would suggest that they would vastly out number those surgically assigned as male.

Remember too big a clit gets cut down and too small a penis gets turned into a clit.

I’m Getting tired of IS Hijacking Transsexualism

Face it.

The whole thing with people claiming obscure intersex conditions but insisting on hanging out on transsexual lists.  Why are you here?  Really?  Why aren’t you confining yourselves to Intersex lists?

When it comes to getting transsexualism removed from the DSM we do not need a bunch of IS people who all too often come off as disordered narcissists hijacking the debate by standing around proclaiming how special and different they are from ordinary transsexuals.  Folks who come off as neurotic if not flat out psychotic.

I’m starting to think that Intersex is another variation on “classic transsexual”.  An argument for special exceptionalism, a way of assuaging internalized transphobia.

I am looking at the world and seeing that when it comes to getting our legal rights protected the physical cause argument is a total waste of time.  A form of wanking that may feel good but does nothing to end discrimination in employment, marriage, housing etc.  The world wide patterns of  discrimination against people of color where the darker one’s skin the more vicious the discrimination shoots that one full of holes.

I also have serious doubts regarding the supposed huge numbers of infant sex reassignment surgery.  I am starting to have the feeling this may have been something done as an experiment back in the 1940-50s rather than any sort of common practice.  That the idea of this being wide spread is contradicted by the specialized nature of such surgery.  It would be expensive and would require a major medical center.  Perhaps nations with a National Health System, but there would be a major paper trail.  Here in the US where private plans are the only plans other than out of pocket, Health Insurance Programs regularly deny even life saving procedures and avoid the controversial.

But here transkids are in major conflict with the so called Intersex activists.  While intersex activists seem to be anti-childhood sex reassignment people with transsexualism and transgenderism are pushing for the rights of children to transition at a younger and younger age with their rights to a safe education in schools with non-discriminatory policies.

As some one who had my ability to seek medical assistance in changing sex put off until 21 as that was the legal age of majority back in the 1960s I know how having to delay transition damaged my access to an education.

It really doesn’t matter much if some 25% of us show various non-specified (by Benjamin) physical indications.  we aren’t special.  We aren’t unicorns forced to live in a world of ordinary horses.  We are just another transsexual and considering how we are more like one in a thousand rather than the much earlier statistics of one in one hundred thousand we are pretty common, something that surely comes as a blow to the egos of narcissists.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is somewhat common among people with transsexualism.  It grows out of being the only one as a child and can be seen in those who run around in our circles with all sorts of reasons as to why they are better than the rest of the trannies whom they often describe in a manner one can only describe as condescending.

So I cheerfully wave bye-bye to all the intersex people with rare and often contradictory bizarre conditions.  This blog isn’t about you this blog is about people with transsexualism and their rights.

Bizarre Intersex Claims

(The bizarre, sometimes deranged claims that people make to be intersex, when in fact they are transsexual)


Andrea Brown

There are a minority of transsexual people who claim to have some sort of intersex condition in terms of there body organs.  This article outlines the characteristics of some intersex conditions and explains why such claims are unfounded.

People claiming to have fathered children then suddenly claim to have had a

spontaneous sex change, found an ovary, uterine tissue or uterus in surgery

are liars or deluded and may require psychiatric help, which transsexual

people normally do not require.

Some transsexual people claim that a surgeon has found a small vaginal canal when performing surgery. That is pure fantasy. Check Medline, nothing is there. If that were occurring, it would be available in the literature.

It is also common for them to claim that they have found an ovary. Again that does not occur.

If a person has two testicles, even if they are undescended, there is no ovary.

The only possible combinations are, two testes, a testis and an ovary (so

rare it is almost unheard of), or two ovaries.

Some facts:

It is impossible to have two testes and two ovaries.

It is impossible to have two testes and one ovary.

It is impossible to have two ovaries and two testes.

It is impossible to have two ovaries and one testis.

It is impossible in your appendix (that has actually been claimed).

Someone with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome does not have a penis and father children.

The vast majority of people who have intersex conditions are sterile.

Now to consider some individual intersex conditions.


On very rare occasions a person has been born with an ovary and a teste. However this is so rare that it is practically unknown in the majority of intersex clinics and there appears to have never been a case of this in a transsexual person either. The existence of people who are true hermorphodite is extremely rare and most experts in intersex will never meet one.

If a true hermaphrodite is found, medics drop everything and flock to the hospital. It being about the only time you will see medics travel in a manner almost similar to wacky races if necessary, to the point they will even accept non-first class seats on planes just to get there. Literally it is like an emergency ad hoc medical conference. It is so rare that the majority of intersex specialists will never encounter a person with such a condition, so will jump at the chance of hands on experience and observation.

At this link is an example.

5 Alpha Reductase.

Regarding 5 alpha. It is not unusual for a person with 5 alpha to be born with ambiguous genitalia. Normally surgery will be carried out very early, which nearly always leads to serious long-term health problems. Presentation at birth varies. They can look anything from completely female to completely male. All are sterile.

If 5 Alpha is not surgically treated, the results can be at puberty, that what in effect is either a clitoris or an enlarged clitoris will enlarge, but that labia will stay unfused and sometimes there is a trace of a vaginal canal. It will resemble a small-unsheathed penis. The genitalia will look nothing like male genitalia except in passing.

Claims that people with 5 alpha go on to have large penises and be completely functional are based purely in fantasy and wishful thinking. Any clinician claiming otherwise, I would request they present a patient in front of my face to prove otherwise.

Regarding gender identity in 5 alpha people, it literally can be anywhere from male to female. Contrary to the literature that is quoted, which also appears to be highly suspect. Most actually appear to identify as female, not male.

For more information on 5 alpha see.

Spontaneous sex change.

This does not occur in humans and is a fiction created in pornographic magazines, porn films and the minds of deranged fantasists. A penis cannot spontaneously change into a vagina in days, weeks months or years. Sex reassignment surgery however, can change a penis into a vagina.

Spontaneous sex change can occur in frogs and some other amphibians.

The only way this could occur in a human being is if David Icke the conspiracy theorist is right in his claims that all our world leaders are really amphibians or reptiles masquerading as human. I think we can all guess the truth on that one.

In some rare cases a person can develop a pituitary condition, which can cause in a woman to have high levels of testosterone to be produced or in a man high levels of estrogen. These conditions are extremely serious. The people do not change sex and very often require extremely serious and sometimes life threatening surgery on there pituitary gland. Conditions like this have to be treated quickly as they can be fatal if left untreated. These people have no gender identity issue and are quite often disturbed by what happens to them. Also on extremely rare occassions anti-cholesterol medicine can disrupt the pituatory gland, causing disruption of hormone levels. This requires immediate medical intervention.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.

The number of female to male transsexuals and transgenderists also falsely claiming to have CAH is also a problem.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia can be fatal. CAH girls vary from looking normal at birth right through to being mistaken for male in rare cases at birth, with a spectrum in between. If a child is not recognized as having CAH at birth, they can go into an adrenal crisis after being taken home. An adrenal crisis can kill if appropriate treatment is not given, quickly. The adrenal crises are a fact of life for people with CAH, all through their life. Even in adulthood when a person is well versed on CAH, they can still not reach hospital in time and die all to often of an adrenal crisis.

Issues such as gender identity are quite often a non-issue for people with CAH. Most are to worried with trying to stay alive to worry about gender identity, contrary to what LGBT transgender and queer activists like to claim.

Also some male to female transsexual people have claimed to have CAH. People with CAH have short stature, due to their treatment. Someone 190cm tall and built like a terminator, does not have CAH.

Males who have CAH are also very short in stature.

Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

For a very good overview of androgen insensitivity syndrome see.

There website.

In CAIS (complete androgen insensitivity syndrome) a person is completely insensitive to testosterone. Literally they have no response to testosterone whatsoever.

There are a lot of bizarre myths around CAIS. Most of the myths that circulate in the T and LGBT worlds appear to have their origins in some sort of fantasies, not fact. The fantasy that all women with CAIS have an issue with there gender identity is purely that, a fantasy. They are fed up with various groups, including trans groups trying to claim their is a gender identity issue when there never has been, is not now and never will be.

They are not trans, extreme transsexuals or a form of homosexual. They are just women, who wish to be left alone to get on with there lives and want people to stop colonizing their issues for political reasons.

ISNA and Accord Alliance.

Alice Dreger and her husband encouraged Bo Laurent and Kirea Trea to misrepresent themselves as intersex. The organization they set up called ISNA, now known as the Accord Alliance, was an intensely transphobic organization, yet was top heavy with self hating transsexual people. The only person in ISNA who was genuinely intersex that this author can find was Sherri Grovemann.

Kidney and bladder infections/damage.

Some transsexual people have claimed to have a period because they have pissed blood. They have not had a period. Kidney infections can cause a person to piss blood. Physical damage from impacts can cause a person to piss blood.

A period cannot occur when a person has two testes, as the testosterone would suppress any possibility of a period if the tissue actually existed.

People who have pissed blood because of childhood surgery are people who have had just that happen. They would strongly refute any claim that they are having a period, regardless of what any LGBT activist, queer theorist or trans activist states. They will state the truth and inform you it is from a bladder or kidney infection or scar tissue failure.

Birth Scar in transsexual people.

A lot of transsexual people take a lot of notice of there genitalia. That is natural as they are trying to find ways of getting rid of their genitalia.

Every human has a birth scar, where the skin closes over in the womb.

In female births this is hidden by the cleft of the vagina.

In male births quite often there is a small scar somewhere between the anus and tip of the penis. It is usually not noticeable at all, unless looking for it. In some people the scar is more pronounced. In some it can be a heavy scar that runs from the anus all the way to the tip of the penile skin. It does not affect erections. It just looks like a heavy scar.

This scar is not a hypospadias, no matter what any queer theorist, trans theorist, LGBT activist or trans activist claims. It is a completely distinct issue from a hypospadias.

It is just a scar, nothing else and nothing else should be made of it.