G-d’s Will

Right wing Evangelicals love to claim they hear the voice of G-d telling them to be a bunch of hateful right wing bigots. G-d talks to them more than G-d talked to the actual prophets in the Tanakh. And has favorite sports team he/she is supporting because she/he likes their prayers better than those of the other team.

Christians, especially Evangelicals like to claim a personal relationship with Jesus. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume they aren’t talking about their Latino contractor, gardener, favorite restaurateur, but are referring to the guy with the hands and feet piercings more politely called stigmata. They love their crucified Jesus, whom they think of as blond and blue eyed with no body hair. The one I call Aryan Jesus who supports Donald Trump and is built like Rambo. Their G-d hates LGBT people, uppity women, hippies, people of color, the poor, the sick…. I could go on and on the list of people their G-d hates is endless.

LGB and especially people whose lives have been impacted with trans-prefixed word come in for particular scorn from the semi-literate Evangelical set. We are told that G-d wants every one to be cis-gendered straight folks and never makes mistakes. This is rather cruel as there are numerous children born with all sorts of birth defects and impairments. G-d’s will? Or perhaps the roll of the genetic dice. I rather prefer my G-d, the one Christians told me was harsh and cruel unlike their Jesus because in actuality our version is far more the G-d of the oppressed than the G-d of the oppressor.

But let’s get back to G-d’s will. Evangelicals are really pushing this one on trans-folks. We are easy targets because we don’t go to their McMega-ChurchesTM . Some of are born into their families and suffer the effects of them trying to pray/abuse the trans away. We either commit suicide, run away, or grow up into seriously damaged adults prone to depression, suicide and substance abuse. You see these good “Christian” Evangelicals do all sorts of things to make the lives of trans-folks a living hell.

One of their big things regarding us is how we shouldn’t alter our G-d given bodies/gender/sex.

What I wonder is why this doesn’t apply to the Evangelical women who get boob implants? I mean, if G-d had wanted them to have 38D boobs, why would G-d had them develop 34As. The same goes for Botox. Wrinkles are a natural part of getting older. G-d’s will, remember? Same goes for hair dye. All unnatural, particularly if done by trans-folks. If done by Evangelical women… hummm, apparently not so much.

But I’m not going to let the Evangelical men off the hook either. You know the prophet bearded guys who look like first cousins of the Taliban. A lot of them are flabby muscled and erectile challenged. Let’s face it they often drink too much, smoke and are obese, either diabetic or have some other lifestyle inflicted health issues. But instead of accepting that their flabby muscles and erectile issues are part of aging and the way they live or “G-d’s will” they go running to the pharmacy for a magic little pill. For the flabby muscles they take testosterone and precursors that would get them banned from all sports that test. Pretty much the same drugs that F-M trans-folks take but okay for them because they aren’t altering their “G-d given bodies.

Why are boob implants and testosterone treatments okay for cis-gendered folks but not for trans-folks? For that matter isn’t erectile dysfunction G-d’s way of telling men they aren’t meant to have penetrative sex?

Why doe G-d’s will go out the door when it imposes itself in a way that Evangelicals feel is less than desirable? Maybe Evangelicals broke away from mainstream churches so they could invent their own Aryan Jesus who shares their misogyny, racism and anti-LGBT bigotry with them? Maybe what they think is G-d’s will is actually the product of their own narrow minded bigotry and hatred.

Perhaps they should remember America was founded on equality (or the idea of equality even if imperfectly delivered), freedom and in Thomas Jefferson’s most amazing insertion into the Declaration of Independence “the pursuit of happiness.”…

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