Cops Bust Into 16-Year-Old Trans Girl’s Bedroom During Her Twitch Stream

Keep Telling Yourself, “It Can’t Happen Here!”

From Vice Magazine:

Wynn, who is now in foster care, told Motherboard that police entered her room, searched it, took the door off the hinges, and mocked her.

by Samantha Cole

Police officers entered the bedroom of a 16-year-old trans girl in Tennessee while she played Minecraft live on Twitch in late April—and the confrontation was caught live on stream.

The streamer, a girl named Wynn who goes by VioWynn on Twitch, in an email to Motherboard said she was pressured to do online school rather than attend in person, and that she has refused to go to the online school and thus has been considered “truant.”

In a recording of the stream, Wynn says, “This will probably be the last stream ever because they’re trying to get me to either kill myself or go into foster care or something. Instead of just giving me an education. Honestly, I just want to go to school. But they don’t want me to go to school because I’m trans. I’m just really stressed out.” 

She goes on to say that authorities are trying to place her into foster care. “I was already adopted once, I don’t need to be adopted again,” she says on the stream. “I just need to be able to go to school. I’m just worried I’ll get abused.” Wynn told Motherboard she believes they were doing a wellness check on her, but that she is being pressured by authorities to enter foster care.

According to Wynn, on the morning of April 27, she had a court date where she’d learn whether she had to go into foster care; she was being denied an education, she claimed, as her school pressured her to attend classes online with fewer resources than in-person students received. “I consider it being denied an education, though it legally isn’t considered as such, so that’s why the judge considered me truant,” she said. Other students also took an online school option, but she was the only one she knew of who was pressured heavily to stay home, she said.

“I don’t understand why the state of Tennessee would rather ruin a child’s life than just let her go to school, but it really shows where their priorities are,” Wynn says on the stream, before the police enter the room. A tweet about the situation went viral this weekend: 

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