I Got Mail From a Qnut

On maybe more appropriately from a Qunt. Is Qunt the female identified version of a Qnut? I’ll never know but the University of North Texas plays with the order of the initials for its radio station so the it is KNTU instead of the colloquial word for female genitalia that my dirty mind automatically wants to turn it into.

I’m not impressed with the idiots who are Qanon true believers. I have zero respect for them. It is hard for me to respect people stupider than a box of rocks. I usually file them in the folder marked “Shit for Brains”.

Prior to the 2016 election I generally thought these people were too stupid to actually gain any real power much less get elected to state or national offices. Mea Culpa, mea culpa… Was I ever wrong in under estimating the power of stupid people following un-American assholes who hate every thing about this great nation.

The one thing I haven’t underestimated is the power of stupid people in groups to engage in violent acts of bigotry toward people who are members of minority communities. Witness the ancestors of the Qanon followers, the Nazis and KKK.

Q-Ann sent me the following addressed to the post “I am at a Loss…”:

Its a good lesson not to rely on the court to do the things it never had the constitutional authority to do anyways!
I am going to and have started to argue very locally to my Arizona local police and Sheriffs Department that the lgbtq is neither legal or constitutional and that judges committed sex crimes and treason from the bench in support of it! That it is a glorified criminal sex and human trafficking ring.
There is a method to what I am doing that you will never understand as you can’t comprehend your own self! There is no right and never was a right to include anyone into something they don’t want to be and then bully and abuse them because they don’t want to go for the ride! The lgbtq was built on prejudice lgbtq activist used for their own advantage! Now its going to come back and hurt those of you that played that game!

For the record most sex trafficking, pedophilia and “grooming” is purely heterosexual. From the women working the stroll, to the porn industry, to the “Gentlemen’s” clubs, to the massage parlors and out-call services. All about men buying sex from women. The advertising industry is mostly driven by selling gender to cis-gendered people who are far more insecure regarding their gender and being “man enough” or “woman enough” than most LGBT folks are.

So what Qanon is doing is creating a “Blood Libel” directed at LGBT people the same way good Christians from the Middle ages on through the Nazis created a “Blood Libel” regarding the Jews. See the following from The New Republic: “QAnon, Blood Libel, and the Satanic Panic: How the ancient, antisemitic nocturnal ritual fantasy expresses itself through the ages—and explains the right’s fascination with fringe conspiracy theories

I’ve spent lifetime dealing with bigotry and prejudice which has involved every aspect of my life and started when I was a trans-kid in the 1950s. None of the brutal attempts to convince me to be straight worked. I was born Trans, which is every bit as natural as being born straight or cis-gendered. When I was a kid, I was the only one. People like me hid, or committed suicide. The only information about us was found in medical books and adult book stores. But we existed nonetheless.

Much of what I learned regarding how to survive I learned from Jewish writers. One of those Jewish writer’s was Magnus Hirschfeld who wrote about LGBT people in the 1920s and 1930s had his works, indeed the entire library of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was burned by the Nazis, The “Don’t say Gay” mob of blood thirsty thugs of their time.

But more important to me was Dr. Harry Benjamin, who gave a name to what I was born, the core of my being which was impossible to change. The Doctors who took risks to treat people like me. I was 20 in 1967 and was finding out I wasn’t the only one, that there were a lot of others like me. We are a minority, perhaps some 10-20 million people in a world population of some 8 billion. We are but a fraction of the whole LGBT+alphabet coalition.

So the QFreaks want to exterminate us and make no mistake that is the “Final Solution” they have in mind for us just as the Nazi tried to exterminate the entire world population of Jews. I am a convert to Judaism and have studied the structure of antisemitism enough to see how the nature of the two prejudices, hatreds, the structuring of that hatred is the same. With the Nazis that hatred led for bigotry to anti-Jewish laws to Auschwitz and Treblinka. I see the same hatred being expressed by the QFreaks and I know where it leads. All LGBT people need to be aware of the nature of this hatred and be aware that position, education, talent, passability will not protect. In the past those that survived did so through armed resistance.

We must win this fall and elect as many Democrats as possible. We must crush the QFreaks and the real Pervs like Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, DeSantis, Monica Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebret. We need to sweep out the right wing Nazi garbage while we still can. We need to fight back and not let them bully us or threaten us into silence.

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