I am at a Loss…

I told all of you to support Hillary Clinton six years ago, but a lot of you said supporting her was supporting the lesser of two evils. Too many took the position I took as first time voter in 1968 and either didn’t vote or threw your vote away on a third party candidate.

We could have owned the Supreme Court with three, make that four Hillary Clinton appointees. Think about it. It’s even more fucked up than us boomer hippie kids trashing out the Democrats in 1968.

Roe V. Wade is history. Don’t bother mourning, it’s a waste of time. In the words of Joe Hill, “Don’t mourn, organize.” Marriage Equality will probably be next followed the return of segregation in schools. Everything we, your elders gave so much of our lives fighting for is being flushed down the Fascist Republican/Evangelical Toilet.

I left the hard left behind a long time ago and over the past 20 years I’ve come to see the propaganda of the hard left as being every bit as toxic as that put out by the far right. I have only to look at the positions people are taking regarding the Russian invasion and rape of Ukraine.

Freedom, liberty, equality and the rights actually enumerated in our Constitution are something to fight for not something to let the Evangelical right wing Republicans wipe their ass with. Forget the hard core left wing fantasies. Liberal values have been behind all the progress in expanding human rights in this nation from ending slavery to Social Security and the Civil Rights Act.

I vote Blue in a Red State. And no I don’t support the Squad, but if the choice is between one of them and a Republican then I will vote for them. If the choice is between a Tim Manchin or a Kyrsten Sinema and a Republican I hold my freaking nose and vote for the Democrat because they may be the only Democrat in that location who might win. If there is a Republican who sometimes votes with the Democrats I will support the Democrat running against them.

Support the Democratic party. Join Liberal churches, synagogues and Democratic Party organizations. Consider running for office or devoting a year or two of your life to working for the election of Liberal Democratic candidates.

Stop the freaking trashing of other people and groups who are on your side. Lesbian feminists started trashing trans folks way back in 1970. WTF was that about? A lot of us were stone feminists and a good percentage of us were lesbian. That BS didn’t promote solidarity. Jews used to be a solid Democratic Party bloc. Jews were Freedom Rider and marched and yes some gave their lives for the rights of African American people. Then came the antisemitism under the guise of Anti-Zionism, the BDS bullshit. Why? Because some of you read and internalized Franz Fanon. Or Marx, or Lenin or Trotsky or Mao. Not one of them offered freedom or liberty or equality or a vision of a shared humanity with respect for the dignity of the individual.

Those are Liberal values. Those are the values of the Democratic Party and the people who vote a straight Democratic Party slate.

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