Happy Thanksgiving

It is the autumn and the autumn of my life. So many trips around the sun.

And I am thankful, glad to be alive if some what battered by time and fate. Tina and I have been together over 20 years. I’m grateful we have gained legal recognition of our marriage. We have grown old together and long life is indeed a blessing.

We have a home we share with three adorable cats. We have friends, and family with whom we are sometimes at odds.

This year also brings sadness and a feeling of loss for we lost family members and friends this last year.

Yet my heart is filled with gratitude today as I reflect on the past, not just this last year but of the years past. The books I’ve read and studied. The wisdom I have hopefully gained and serenity I sometimes experience.

Inner peace in a world of turmoil, a world where so many demand I take a side and change my beliefs to match their ideologies. I am grateful for the strength to process the knowledge I have amassed and the will to march to a different drummer and not follow the herd.

I pray that this coming year will bring health and life for those I love. Prosperity and joy. Love and inner peace.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Philippa Kearn Says:


  2. Karen Says:

    It’ hard to believe you and Tina have been together over twenty years already. IIRC when I first “met” you on line you 2 were not together yet… It’s it really does not seem so long ago on the newsgroup.

    Anyway happy holidays to you both!


    • Suzan Says:

      Karen, we have known each other (on line) for some 25 years. You were insecure and expecting miracles. I was the 25 year veteran. Now I am the 50 year elder and you have become a 25 year veteran. This is life. cue up Joni Michell singing “Circle Game”

      • Karen Says:

        I hoped and wanted but never expected… but I’m still as insecure as ever! 😉

        BTW when you were at 25 years, you were much young than I am now. In fact I’m past my full Social Social retirement date. (but still working).


        • Suzan Says:

          Nonetheless you are now an old timer. Long time post-op, post transsexual. As is Tina. It doesn’t mean life is perfectly wonderful. I’m a few months shy of the big 50 post. Life has beaten the crap out of me but here I am battered by life yet still here, sober nearly 21 full years. Bougie and working class. I feel more comfortable going to synagogue than LGBT events. Marriage equality removed so much anger and bitterness you have no idea.
          I look at the “community” and I am bewildered. I don’t speak the same language as today’s crowd.

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