Every Thing is a Crisis, All the Time and I’m Burned Out

Tina and I just survived a very hard year, Covid quarantine, my car accident that left me with a compression fracture of three vertebrae and a totaled car. Economic disaster which has us in debt up to our asses.

It has been a year, eighteen months actually of worry, stress and strain and that is just surrounding our family lives. Among our family and friends people have died, others have nearly died, some of Covid others of the ailments of age.

I have had my name included in my Temples saying of the Mi Shebeirach (Prayer of Healing) and I have said it for others. Covid and other illnesses and medical emergencies of friends and family have been so overwhelming that prayer offers comfort to those that say it as much as those for whom it is said.

Fortunately we elected Joe Biden to the Presidency. We survived a disastrous four years of having been led by a mentally ill incompetent megalomaniac. We are ragged and worn. His followers still hold too much power.

So many worthy causes out there. Many I support while not supporting the organizations promoting them For example Black Lives Matter. I grew up with the Civil Rights Movement. Demonstrated and marched since the early 1960s. Supporting people’s equality and right to live with dignity is a core belief and led to my applying those principles in the LGBT and Feminist Movements. In the mid-1960s SNCC and other groups in the Black Movement decided the Movement for Black Civil Rights should be a Black Movement and so white people moved to other movements.

At some point identity replaced class consciousness. We were all supposed to identify with our own particular group, never mind how many overlapping identities a heterogeneous culture is bound to produce for along with the primacy of identity came binary thinking which denies the existence of nuance.

But mostly I’m exhausted with the level of hysteria and hatred that is spewed by friend and enemy alike. I flat out do not have the time or money to support every single worthy cause. I might even support a cause but not an organization that claims to lead it.

I don’t march at Pride events. I did attend an event at my synagogue. I am old enough and mature enough to pick causes to support that are important to me. They may not be the same causes someone else might give priority to. This does not make either of us bad people or merit name calling.

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