Just Not feeling It Anymore: Pride Day Festivals… Meh.

It’s that time of year although lately it seems ever single week there is some some date of incredible importance for the people of the Rainbow Alphabet.

On social media I am reminded, told I am shirking if I don’t proudly announce some detail about my life that has over the years diminished in importance.

Lately I mostly feel at home on lists for older LGBT folks or on various Jewish lists.

Queer and proud? This is insane people used to call me that word sixty+ years ago when they were beating me up. For me it is self loathing when minority groups embrace words that are clearly hate speech.

For me being transsexual was only a part of who I am and over the many years has become more of who I once was. It gets complicated because if I have to pick a letter from the Rainbow Alphabet it is more likely to be “L”. The first three years of post-Stonewall pride events I had other priorities. It wasn’t until 1974 after I had started accepting being attracted to women that I felt I belonged at Pride events.

Now I’m old and married to a woman I have been with for 20 years. We are an old couple, we delight in each others company. We take care of each other. We vote Democratic and are bewildered by all the demands that we support various causes. So many causes and often contradictory. We pick our causes to support carefully based on our own criteria and agendas not those of someone yelling loudly on social media. And yes we have to say no to many worthy causes because of our resource limitations. But sometimes too we think the cause being pushed is totally bonkers. Age has brought years of experience and honed our bullshit filters.

We know that extremists both right and left are often truth and fact challenged. That’s why we are Liberal Democrats.

Enjoy your Pride Festivals. We’ll pass on them. We can’t walk for miles, parking sucks and we can’t afford to go to something that requires so much effort.

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  1. Tina S. Says:

    In truth, I suspect all the “woo-woo” boys are not thrilled by an old lady with a walker. Nor do many really want to look at the wrinkled face of an 82 year old. I still like the “Dykes on Bikes” (does that still exist?)

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