Texas Republicans don’t want trans girls on girls’ sports teams

From The Beaumont Enterprise: https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/politics/article/Transgender-women-ban-sports-teams-Texas-15915590.php

ShaCamree Gowdy
Feb. 1, 2021

Following in the footsteps of states such as Montana and Tennessee, Republican lawmakers in Texas have filed legislation that would prohibit transgender girls and women across the state from playing on single-sex sports teams designated for girls and women, according to the Texas Tribune’s Kate McGee and Aliyya Swaby. 

According to H.B. 1458, “Each interscholastic, intramural, or other extracurricular athletic team sponsored by a school district or open-enrollment charter school shall be designated for participation by only students of the same biological sex; or students of both biological sexes.”

The legislation was filed by Spring representative Valoree Swanson and prohibits the University Interscholastic League of Texas or the National College Athletic Association from taking “adverse action” against those who comply with the rule. Currently, both organizations allow students to play on the sports team of the gender they identify.

“This is bathroom bill 3.0,” said Equality Texas senior adviser Angela Hale, as reported by McGee and Swaby. “It’s very unsettling to transgender children who just want to live. They don’t want to have to come down to the Capitol and testify every single legislative session just so that they can live and go about their daily lives.”

A “bathroom bill”  limits transgender people’s access to bathrooms in public schools and government buildings.

The Texas Tribune also reported that Republican lawmakers also filed a bill that would make it illegal for doctors and mental health providers to provide care to children outside of the sex they were assigned at birth or prescribe a treatment known as puberty blockers, which transgender children use to delay puberty. The bill would also prohibit gender-confirming surgeries and hormone therapies, the Tribune reported.

“This bill is a common sense measure that is sadly necessary in a world where male athletes are robbing women of both championship trophies and educational opportunities,” Swanson said in a statement, as reported by the Tribune.

Echoing Swanson’s statement, Lubbock representative Charles Perry filed a similar Senate bill, claiming “individuals who are confused” could have an unfair advantage in strength and ability.

Contrary to lawmakers’ beliefs, a 2016 study is one of many that found no direct or consistent research suggesting transgender people have an athletic advantage at any stage of their transition.

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