As Elliot Page fights for trans people, Caitlyn Jenner whines that everyone likes him better

Not hard to understand why. Caitlyn needs to wake up and stop supporting our enemies.
From LGBTQ Nation:

Jenner supported Donald Trump and reaffirmed her opposition to marriage equality shortly after coming out as trans. And she wonders why Elliot Page is more popular with LGBTQ people?

By Alex Bollinger
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A mere month since Elliot Page announced that he’s transgender, he’s already helping to fight back against anti-transgender legislation in Montana.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner is wondering why people didn’t show her the same love they’re showing Page, even though she was one of Donald Trump’s most famous LGBTQ supporters in the 2016 elections.

The Olympic gold-medalist appeared on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast yesterday, and host Michael Bosstick wanted to talk about “double standards” and brought up Page.

“I feel like when you transitioned,” Bosstick asked, “but I feel there’s a double standard where, like, you also got a lot of shit from a lot of people that are very supportive of other people in Hollywood who are transitioning but maybe if you don’t fit that agenda or that kind of typecast, if they’re not as forgiving with someone like yourself, and I wonder if you’ve ever thought about that double standard.”

“The trans community is probably more critical than the general public,” Jenner said, and Bosstick brought up Page.

Jenner said that transgender people are more critical of her “being white, I have a job, I’ve been successful, I have white privilege, celebrity privilege, I’ve had every privilege there is in the world. I agree with them, I do, I’ve worked hard my whole life.” None of these things distinguish her from Page.

“And for that, you can’t be a spokesperson for the community. You didn’t live in the gutter, and 25% of all prostitutes are trans women. ‘You didn’t go hooking for a living,’ and this and that, ‘So you don’t understand, you don’t understand,’” Jenner said, paraphrasing what she believes her critics have said.

She said that she thought she “could really make a difference and change the world. In a lot of ways, I did that by just being myself. But, I mean, I tried to do things politically, I was back in Washington D.C. all the time, to try to change things.”

She explained that she had a long dinner with major evangelical leaders in D.C. and that she’s “still friends with some of them. I did a lot of that.”

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