Protests in the Face of Racism and Fascism During an Epidemic

I stopped going to demonstrations that had any potential for violence or confrontation back in the early 1970s.

Any interaction with the Police that might possibly include arrest, which invariable results in severe emotional abuse and degradation along with the possibility of physical abuse, is not a situation I choose to put myself in.

Dare I say it.  I am afraid of the Police and rightfully so. I’m also old and walk slowly so running from danger is not an option.

These demonstrations are extremely dangerous.  We have a truly evil man in the White House who has pretty much given Police the authorization to use lethal force.

He is backed up by various ultra right wing paramilitary groups of thugs who want to start a race war.  One thing some seem to be doing in order to recognize each other is carrying an umbrella.  They are breaking windows and setting fires.  Many are armed and ready to kill people of color and liberals, progressives and people of the Left.  Numerous antisemitic incidents have been reported.

People…  Just last week we were sheltering in place to try to avoid infection with Covid 19. Trump was trying to prevent measures to allow voting by mail.

The right wing would like nothing better than to cancel the elections.

I am a gun owner.  Many people on the left don’t even have the shotgun or 9mm which I have for home defense.  Many of these people who are actively promoting a race war, they call the Boogaloo, are heavily armed and have practiced with those firearms.

Consider the risks before running into situations that may put your lives at risk from either violence or Covid 19.

I’m old I do my fighting with words and by voting.  I was young and crazy brave too once upon a time.  Don’t get killed or thrown in prison.  We need your votes come November.