‘Believe All Women’ Is a Right-Wing Trap

I got over the idea that I had to believe everything anyone told me because of who they were by about the age of five or so.  That goes for politicians and professors, advertising and everyone else.  Individuals have varying levels of ethics and honesty.  You have to look at their histories to gauge probable levels of credibility.

Living your life by political slogans means setting aside your personal internal fact check.  People on the left can and often are just as stupid and dogmatic a herd of slogan regurgitating sheep as the Trumpster Tea Baggers.

From The New York Times:  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/18/opinion/tara-reade-believe-all-women.html

How feminists got stuck answering for a canard.

By Susan Faludi
May 18, 2020

Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault, and conservatives are having a field day, exultant that they’ve caught feminists in a new hypocrisy trap. A woman, with no corroboration beyond contemporaneous accounts, charges a powerful man with a decades-old crime? Hmm, doesn’t that sound mighty close to Christine Blasey Ford’s complaint against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh? Yet this time, many liberals who’ve championed the #MeToo movement seem skeptical?


Tim Graham, executive editor of NewsBusters: “Where is the #MeToo movement on this story? What happened to their rigid ‘Believe All Women’ boilerplate?”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson: “the infuriating, the sickening hypocrisy of the media and the professional feminist movement. ‘Believe All Women!’ No they don’t.”

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway: “Three magic words, ‘Believe All Women.’ I didn’t hear an asterisk; I didn’t see a footnote, ‘Believe All Women so long as they are attacking somebody aligned with President Trump, Believe All Women so long as they are — have a college degree or better or are — are for abortion in the ninth month.’”

In fact, “Believe All Women” does have an asterisk: *It’s never been feminist “boilerplate.” What we are witnessing is another instance of the right decrying what it imagines the American women’s movement to be.

Spend some mind-numbing hours tracking the origins of “Believe All Women” on social media sites and news databases — as I did — and you’ll discover how language, like a virus, can mutate overnight. All of a sudden, yesterday’s quotes suffer the insertion of some foreign DNA that makes them easy to weaponize. In this case, that foreign intrusion is a word: “all.”

“All” insertion was all the rage during the Kavanaugh hearings. When senators from Kamala Harris to Mazie Hirono had their regard for Dr. Blasey’s credibility elevated by Fox News pundits to universal gender credulity, their actual words, “I believe her,” became believe all women. “That’s literally the hashtag,” former Fox News contributor Morgan Ortagus said in February 2019. “There’s a great search function on Twitter, and you can search the #BelieveAllWomen. For those of you who don’t believe that’s what the Democrats had in the case of Kavanaugh.”

Is there “literally” a hashtag? Well, kind of.

Meaningfully tracking hashtags on Twitter is a confounding chore, even for the professional data scrapers I consulted. “It’s a very interesting rabbit hole,” Pablo Morales Henry, digital archivist at Harvard University’s Schlesinger Library, which maintains a collection of more than 30 million MeToo-related tweets, told me.

Nevertheless, let’s take the Ortagus challenge. As she noted, Twitter has a search function that, while hardly “great,” does at least crudely reflect the site’s use — especially by its most popular users who are most likely to spread a hashtag far and wide. For instance, type in #BlackLivesMatter or #MakeAmericaGreatAgain” for 2016, and you get a bottomless well of references. Type in #BelieveAllWomen for 2017, when the #MeToo movement took off in October, and you get several dozen references, followed in 2018 (the year of the Kavanaugh hearings) by many more. But here’s the thing: I found that the hashtag is, by a wide margin, used mostly by its detractors.

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2 Responses to “‘Believe All Women’ Is a Right-Wing Trap”

  1. Charlie Says:

    You can’t control a hashtag once it’s released. Even commercial entities, who’ve tried to create them, have seen their campaigns go down the drain. My best recollection was when I worked for Starbucks, it wasn’t long after I got hired, their “race together” campaign…

    The problem with these movements that bother me is, rather than try to influence the legal courts, it’s just to influence the court of public opinion. If most people don’t vote, and most higher judges aren’t even elected by the public but instead politicians, you will not replace those judges whom the movement deems sexist, or alter the judicial system at all. And since most people don’t vote, instead just specialized groups, these politicians won’t get removed.

    The Supreme Court, because their terms are lifelong, cannot even be overwritten by another branch of the government easily, and are not directly elected by the people, their actions have no consequence; if they either had term limits or were directly representing the people, perhaps that guy would have never earned that spot.

    And, I say this have being myself a victim. Why should we believe rape victims without evidence, when we require the victim of any other victim (like battery, assault, or other violent crimes) to provide evidence? And men who are the victim of sexually assault, they are still required to show evidence, and not only don’t we believe them or give them leeway like female victims, they are seen as “weak” as supposed to “survivors”. It’s the same double standard these kind of “feminists” decry when it doesn’t suit them, but will use to their advantage if it benefits them.

    • Suzan Says:

      In 1974 I was kidnapped, raped and nearly murdered. My friend believed me without question. The police were more concerned whether or not I as a transsexual woman could be raped and if my vagina was actually a vagina. Interestingly enough that was also the most vital question the women at a rape crisis center had.

      Several men I knew gave me various weapons, including a cop I knew who gave me a small .25 cal handgun without serial number saying “If you have to use it lose it.” Another paid for martial arts lessons.

      That said I have known both men and women over the years who are compulsive liars and attention seekers. I look at the person making the claims.

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