Rabbi Sacks on The Mutation of Antisemitism

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U.S. Showing ‘Many’ Genocide Warning Signs Under Trump, Expert Says: ‘I Am Very, Very Worried’

From Newsweek:  https://www.newsweek.com/us-showing-many-genocide-warning-signs-donald-trump-expert-very-worried-1483817


A defense analyst and genocide expert has published a warning about the direction of American society and politics in the age of President Donald Trump, identifying characteristics that may one day facilitate atrocities against minority groups.

Brynn Tannehill—a former naval aviator who is now an academic and trans rights activist—posted a Twitter thread on Thursday setting out the early genocide warning signs, noting that the U.S. was still some way from catastrophe but that the nation’s direction is deeply concerning.

“I am very, very worried,” Tannehill wrote. “I am not saying it will definitely happen, but the necessary conditions are there, and many of the precursor events are in motion… My spouse and our kids are Canadian. We’re laying the groundwork to go back there in 2021, even if I don’t have a job waiting.”

There are “common themes and patterns” in genocidal societies, Tannehill said, many of which are not generally prevalent in the U.S. She noted that for the most part such atrocities occur in economically struggling nations where living standards are falling.

Politically though, Tannehill noted the U.S. trend towards divisive rhetoric and policies under President Donald Trump, who has been repeatedly accused of various forms of racism and has pursued a nativist agenda.

“The politicians enacting it are populists who benefit from stirring Us vs. Them narratives, placing blame for the woes of the nation on others who are somehow less worthy,” she wrote. “They yearn for a mythological past [without] these people. It’s a highly viable tactic for shoring up support.”

The undesirables are smeared in a variety of ways, whether labeled criminals, sex offenders, threats to women and children or “generally unworthy of empathy,” Tannehill continued. Anyone who defends such groups is then demonized.

Propaganda further vilifies a target group, dehumanizing them and enabling “public safety measures” such as removing them from government jobs and revoking security clearances, Tannehill said.

A government might also start publishing statistics detailing the crimes committed by the target group while failing to prosecute—or pardoning—those who commit crimes against the minority.

This also requires a government to co-opt the courts and ensure they will not stand in its way. With a minority already excluded from government and security roles, it is easier to then block them from the education system, job market and even deny them healthcare.

“You can create vast zones where the minority is forbidden from public life,” Tannehill said. “Make them carry/wear IDs identifying them as ‘other’…If this sounds familiar, the Germans modeled their 1930’s laws on those used to keep the US South segregated.”

Court support will then allow the revocation of basic civil rights, further facilitating harassment, forced disappearances and eventually mass murder.

Tannehill identified two characteristics that are the final—and most concerning—warnings for a society nearing genocide. The first is when members of the persecuted minority “voluntarily pack up and leave the country, or actively hide who they are.

“This is the beginnings of cultural genocide: the minority disappears from the culture because they have either left, or have gone underground,” Tannehill explained.

“Whether it’s acts of military aggression, bellicose leaders, assassinating journalists, putting foreign nationals in filthy over crowded camps that are black holes; the country on the verge of genocide is looking to see if they can provoke a reaction,” she said. “It almost never comes.”

More often than not, other nations stand by and allow the genocide to occur. “In part, because the groups targeted are ones that other countries simply don’t care about either,” Tannehill explained.

“Jews, Tutsis, gays, Roma, South Sudanese, the disabled, mentally ill, poverty stricken immigrants; they historically aren’t worth starting a fight over.”

Once the government knows it has impunity “they move to planning on how to get rid of the targeted population.” At this point, the method is irrelevant, Tannehill wrote.

“It’s way too late to do anything by this point, and that it doesn’t follow a pattern. Sometimes it’s camps and neglect. Guns. Machetes. Killing fields. Death marches. Sometimes it’s all of the above.”

Once minority groups are fleeing and a government is testing international response, Tannehill said “it’s probably already too late. I can’t think of a time the world cut off a genocide at the pass, and global sentiment against refugees…means few escape.”

“Are you worried yet? You probably should be,” she concluded.

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A Georgia lawmaker wants to make treatments for transgender kids a felony, but doctors say that could put lives at risk

From Business Insider:  https://www.businessinsider.com/transgender-treatment-felony-under-new-georgia-bill

Ginny Ehrhart, a Republican member of the George House of Representatives, introduced a bill that would make it a felony for doctors to administer transgender-related healthcare to children.

Jan 2, 2020

A Georgia politician wants to make it a crime for children to receive any transgender-related healthcare, which would include puberty blockers — a treatment that’s reversible and has been shown to improve mental health. 

When the new legislative session starts in January, Ginny Ehrhart, a Republican member of the George House of Representatives, will likely pick up where she left off — advocating for the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. If it passes, the bill would make it a felony for medical professionals to administer trans-related drugs or procedures.

“This form of child abuse is becoming a serious problem,” Ehrhart said in a press release in October. “We are talking about children who have not reached the legal age of consent, yet are being subjected to life-altering, irreversible surgeries and drug treatments that render them sterile and permanently disfigured.”

Medical experts who have written guidance on transgender healthcare for families, pediatricians, and mental health professionals say that Ehrhart and other legislators who’ve proposed similar bills are spreading myths about the side effects of puberty blockers and the accepted general course of treatment for transgender children. The bill could put an already vulnerable population at an even greater risk for suicide, and other mental health issues.

Interventions may become more significant in light of new research, which found that transgender children may be able to develop their gender identity at an early age much in the same way as children who identify with the sex they were assigned at birth do, according to a recent study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

But medical interventions don’t actually begin until puberty. Prior to that stage, experts advise against starting any hormone treatment, and encourage families to begin the process by meeting with a pediatrician, a pediatric endocrinologist, and a mental health professional.

They also suggest transgender children try non-invasive, “social” measures, which could include changing a hairstyle, clothing, name and pronoun.

This enables a child to “feel comfortable and live in an authentic manner,” said Dr. Elyse Pine, lead physician of the Gender Journeys of Youth program at Chase Brexton Health Care in Baltimore, Maryland, which provides services to trans and gender-diverse children.

There’s scant research available on how likely it is for a prepubescent child to change their minds about their gender identity. But if a child still identifies as transgender once they reach puberty, they are much less likely to change, according to Dr. Jack Turban, a resident physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital, whose research focuses on the mental health of transgender and gender diverse youth.

Continue reading at:  https://www.businessinsider.com/transgender-treatment-felony-under-new-georgia-bill

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Doctors Could Face Criminal Charges for Treating Transgender Teens

More evidence that republicans are Nazi Scum.

From The New York Times:  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/27/us/south-dakota-transgender.html

In South Dakota and other states, lawmakers are considering bills that would restrict access to hormone treatment and surgeries for young transgender people.

By Julie Bosman and Mitch Smith
Jan. 27, 2020

A “bathroom bill” to regulate the restroom choice of transgender people has failed in South Dakota. So has a bill that would have required high school athletes to play on a sports team according to their sex at birth, not their gender identity.

But it is a new year and a new legislative session, and a group of South Dakota lawmakers is trying to pass a new restriction on transgender teenagers that the lawmakers say would prevent unnecessary medical procedures.

The proposed law, which is expected to go up for a vote in the state’s House of Representatives on Monday, would bar doctors from prescribing hormones or puberty-blocking medication or performing transgender surgeries on anyone under the age of 16.

The bill has strong support from social conservatives in the Republican-controlled Legislature, who believe it would enforce a common-sense view: that transgender youths under 16 are too young to begin taking medication or hormones.

But rural libertarians, Democrats, transgender people and the medical community have lined up against it, saying that it would harm transgender teenagers who greatly benefit from those treatments, particularly puberty blockers. Doctors have been particularly appalled; they could face criminal charges and jail time for violating the new law, should it pass the Legislature and be signed by Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican who has expressed concerns about it.

“I’ve heard ‘It interferes with parental rights,’ and that ‘doctor knows best,’” said Representative Lee Qualm, a Republican who is the House majority leader and a sponsor of the bill.

“I understand people can go a lot of ways on this,” Mr. Qualm said.

Of his constituents who have emailed him, he said, “it’s almost a 50-50 split.”

Representative Fred Deutsch, who introduced the bill, said he got the idea when he was surfing the internet last year. He said he had heard about people in other states who regretted transitioning from one gender to another, and wondered whether such treatments were offered in his state.

“I Googled ‘transgender medicine South Dakota’ and I found a handful of doctors, not many, that do the procedures,” said Mr. Deutsch, who also introduced the bathroom bill in 2016. “And that’s the genesis of the concept of this bill.”

Continue reading at:  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/27/us/south-dakota-transgender.html

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