Friday Night Fun and Culture: Eric Andersen

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  1. edith pilkington Says:

    I deactivated most of my Facebook pages but I had an interesting friend from Sweden on the ones I deactivated. The person was a very good photographer with a strong interest in music, including Scandanavian folk music.

    I’m too young to remember Eric, in spite of how old I am now. I remember my Swedish friend found Eric very interesting, though. It’s the Norwegian connection. When I saw this post, along with the Izzy Young post, it sparked an interest of mine that has never been dormant.

    There’s a Paul Butterfield connection in all this. I never got out of Rhode Island but I remember a night with Paul backstage watching Muddy Waters. Paul had his arm around my shoulder. It was so awesome.

    Then there is Rick. Rick actually spent some time hanging around Pawtucket, R I. Rick had a fat soul:

    Those Norweigians, not Paul, but Rick, definitely. I don’t know about Eric but I think Eric moved and stayed there.

    I come back here for the folklore that I missed, mostly. I bet you could tell stories about Rory Block’s father’s sandal shop, Suzan.

    Thanks. I have to remind myself there is more to life than strident whining.

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