The Current Women’s Movement has a Problem with Anti-Trans Bigotry and Anti-Semitism

The antisemitism of several leaders of the Women’s March parallels the anti-trans bigotry which is publicly exhibited by TERFs.

The rationalizations are nearly identical.  The wrapping bigotry in the cloak of intersectionality, which in one case refuses to denounce cozy worship of NOI leader Louis Farrakhan, who is not only an antisemite but an anti-LGBTQ bigot. Over the years I have seen Dyke marches exclude not only trans-women but Jewish women who had the audacity to carry rainbow flags with the Magen David on them.

It seems as though two minority groups are being thrown to the wolves in order to pander to bigots who are members of yet other minority groups that seem adorned with some special armor which makes them beyond criticism.

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