The Trans Experience Is Not Defined by One NY Times Op-ed

From The Advocate:

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  1. edith pilkington Says:

    Of course, the Advocate would use someone who sees their “transness” as a “handicap”, just the same as Bil Browning, who would feature his favorite renditions by his favorite “trans” bloggers of “transness” as equivalent to “getting a tattoo”, or as dangerous procedures performed on “male” bodies with pelvic structures not designed to accommodate vulvas. It doesn’t matter that my surgeon told me mine was plenty large enough, I must hang my head and beg forgiveness from my LGBTQ “allies” who aren’t suffering from a “gender delusion” like I am. Of course, they’re real. I am just a social construct who must subscribe to absurd conceptualizations of my sex as defined at birth but must “transcend” gender, a la a RalphWaldoEmersonMaharishi Mahesh Yogi, or something like that, with a “trans identity” .

    “Resisting Medicine, Remodeling Gender” and “Mutilating Gender” by Dean Spade really needs to be thoroughly examined by anyone wishing to understand the implications of being shanghaied under a so called “transgender umbrella”. Those papers should be followed by a close reading of “Documenting Gender”, which the Fenway Institute and Lambda Legal have adopted as their Bible of sex essentialism which accommodates “gender affirmation” of a “gender identity” that Spade describes, pretty much, as delusional and should be “transcended”. Long before Andrea Chu was set up as a straw transperson in order to dismiss anyone’s true feelings about having changed sex, Spade was using Claudine Griggs to argue that Spade should not be categorized as female but rather be understood as a female who is “trans”, an undocumented “trans” female, who should be understood as female in medical settings but who “transcends” gender in social settings. Griggs wrote her book, “S/He, Changing Sex and Changing Clothes”, in 1998. She likens “gender dysphoria” and having SRS to having breast cancer and a radical mastectomy:

    Dean Spade = the Williams Institute’s position on “trans” issues. Spade went to law school there and has been chosen by the LGBTQ establishment to represent a ridiculously and widely defined “trans community” whose most severe psychiatric condition seems to be Stockholm syndrome.

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