Right wing terror stalks America. Will Trump do anything to stop it?

Wait, wait, I know the answer to that question.  The answer is, No he benefits from that right wing terrorists, they make up a substantial part of his strongest supporters.

From The Guardian UK:  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/29/rightwing-terror-stalks-america-pittsburgh

The sad undeniable truth is that the US faces a grave challenge from homegrown terrorism that has nothing to do with Isis or al-Qaida

Mon 29 Oct 2018

Four of the Saturday worshippers brutally murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue had been old enough during the Holocaust and the second world war to revere America as a safe haven in a world of hate. The other seven victims, the youngest of whom was 54, had grown up in a land where most blatant antisemitism had seemingly retreated to the shadows.

When pipe bombs were mailed to a dozen targets of Donald Trump’s wrath, the only frail consolation had been that no one had been injured. Now with the worst incident of antisemitic violence in American history all comfort has vanished.

The sad undeniable truth is that this nation faces a grave challenge from homegrown terrorism that has nothing to do with Isis, al-Qaida or the Islamic religion. Most of these domestic terrorists lurk in the darkest corners of the crazed, conspiratorial far right wing. But the would-be killer who shot up a Republican congressional baseball practice in 2017 had been a supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Racial violence has never been far from the surface of American life as is hauntingly commemorated in Montgomery, Alabama, by the new outdoor memorial to the thousands of victims of lynching in the south. The 2015 murder of nine black parishioners in a Bible study class at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, serves as a reminder – like Pittsburgh – that even worshipping God offers no guaranteed safety in contemporary America.

The worst modern manifestation of domestic terrorism was the 1995 bombing of a federal office building, the Murrah Building, in downtown Oklahoma City. The mass murderers – raging against the government over a deadly 1993 confrontation in Waco, Texas – used a homemade fertilizer bomb to destroy the building. Another powerful outdoor memorial (which is tragically becoming an all too frequent architectural motif) depicts 168 chairs, one for each of the dead, including 19 children in a daycare center on the site.

In his 2004 autobiography, My Life, Bill Clinton notes that initially the speculation had been that “Islamic militants” were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. Instead, Clinton wrote hopefully, the realization that rightwing political rhetoric had become weaponized in Oklahoma City “prompted millions of Americans to reassess their own words and attitudes towards government and toward people who views differed from their own”.

If only that had been true.

Continue reading at:  https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/oct/29/rightwing-terror-stalks-america-pittsburgh

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