Explosive Device Found in Billionaire Megadonor George Soros’s Mailbox

I didn’t post this earlier in the week because I’ve been overwhelmed by right wing Nazi President’s attacks on trans-folks.

From The Forward:  https://forward.com/fast-forward/412501/explosive-device-found-in-billionaire-megadonor-george-soross-mailbox/

By Alyssa Fisher
October 23, 2018

An explosive device was found in a mailbox Monday afternoon at one of the homes of billionaire philanthropist and megadonor George Soros, the New York Times reported.

The device was found near Soros’s home in a suburb of New York City, and bomb squad technicians “proactively detonated” it, authorities said.

Federal and state law enforcement officials were called to Katonah, N.Y., after local police received a call about a suspicious package.

According to a statement, a residence employee opened the package, placed it in a wooded area and called the police.

Soros, who is Jewish, was not home at the time, the Times reported.

The F.B.I. is investigating and said there’s no threat to public safety.

Soros has long been at the forefront of several right-wing conspiracy theories. He has given billions to the Democratic Party, human rights projects and other liberal endeavors, becoming a target for nationalists, according to BBC.

Many attacks have been connected to anti-Semitic tropes — just last weekend, he was drawn as a puppet master in a Florida campaign ad.


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