Senators are ‘Rushing’ this Anti-Trans Lawyer Onto The Courts

From Trans Equality Now:

Allison Jones Rushing has built her short career on debunked arguments against LGBTQ rights and strong ties to an anti-transgender powerhouse.

By Gillian Branstetter
Oct 16, 2018

If there’s one thing the Trump administration can’t stand, it’s the legacy of civil rights law impeding their efforts to strip legal rights away from millions of people. Just this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions whined to his wealthy friends at the Heritage Foundation about judges who rightfully side against the administration’s efforts to, among other things, rip children out of the arms of their immigrant parents or purge transgender people from the military.

Because members of the Trump administration know their discriminatory policies don’t stand a chance in a fair courtroom, they’ve joined with Senate leaders Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell to rush as many extreme judges to lifetime appointments as they can before the midterm election. They’re in such a rush, they’re holding partisan hearings on judges while Congress is in recess — something that’s never been done before.

This week, they’re trying to quietly advance Allison Jones Rushing. Vying for a lifetime appointment on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals , Rushing has built her short career on promoting homophobic and transphobic prejudice, siding with dogmatic ideologues over the rights of everyday citizens.

Rushing has strong ties to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a covert legal powerhouse that hunts for tragedies to exploit in the name of enforcing a dogmatic anti-LGBTQ ideology. They lead the fight to criminalize LGBTQ people’s existence in countries around the world. including efforts to forcibly sterilize transgender people. They defend the damaging and debunked practice of so-called conversion therapy, which is now banned in 15 states including the District of Columbia.

They stand by the horrific claim that being transgender is “most often” a result of child abuse. Today, ADF is leading the fight against even the most basic legal protections for transgender people and working overtime to defame transgender children as threats to their neighbors and classmates.

Since beginning her legal career as a student working for ADF, Rushing has co-authored reports with the ADF and speaks regularly at its events. In 2013, Rushing gave a talk defending the Bush administration’s efforts to ban same-sex marriage nationwide, arguing that Congress and states should be able to adopt discriminatory laws solely because they believe LGBT people are immoral.

In any other time, Rushing’s history would be wholly disqualifying for any judicial appointment. But as Senate leader Mitch McConnell has said, the Trump administration is in a hurry to “transform the federal judiciary for a generation” by stocking them with extreme ideologues like Rushing. This way, the administration can game the entire federal court system in favor of their most prejudicial policies.

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