Adolph Hitler’s Sexuality & the Slander Against LGBTQ People & Communities

This  lie holds hands with the Nazis were Socialists lie.

From The Good Men Project:

The tyranny of the past and the oppression of today.

October 11, 2018

It wasn’t just that homosexuals were involved in the Nazi party. Homosexuals created the Nazi party…[T]his organization was a machine that was constructed by militant, sadomasochistic, pedophilic homosexuals.

Fundamentalist Christians Scott Lively (also a perennial candidate for Massachusetts governor) and Karen Abrams’ book, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, serves to articulate and perpetuate the revisionist argument that most of the top leadership in the German Nazi regime were homosexuals and other types of “sexual deviants,” including but not limited to Hitler himself and his “inner circle”: Goebbels, Roehm, Goering, Rosenberg, Himmler, and Hoess.

They go further by arguing that eight of the top ten serial killers in the US were likewise homosexual.

Throughout the book, Lively and Abrams make clearly conflicting assertions and claims. They quoted Robert Waite:

“There is insufficient evidence to warrant the conclusion that Hitler was an overt homosexual. But it seems clear that he had latent homosexual tendencies, and it is certain that he worried a great deal about them.”

Lively and Abrams, however, go on to conclude, while presenting no verifiable documentation, but only circumstantially:

The weight of evidence indicates that Hitler was deeply involved in a series of short and long-term homosexual relationships. Even more certain is that he knowingly and deliberately surrounded himself with practicing homosexuals from the time he was a teenager.

A 70-page document that has recently come to light adds to the speculation and confusion around Hitler’s sexuality. The document, declassified in 2000 and recently reported widely, is dated December 3, 1943 by the Office of Strategic Services and titled “Biographical Sketches of Hitler and Himmler.” It includes a sexual profile of the Nazi dictator.

Much of the information, however, was gotten from second- and third-hand sources of which very few were cited. A “Dr. Sedgwick” is quoted several times (possibly Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl, who was once a friend of Hitler before they had a falling out in the mid-1930s. Hanfstaengl emigrated then to the U.S.).

Dr. Sedgwick asserted that a young Hitler stayed at The Men’s Hostel, “Maennerheim Brigittenau,” a place, according to Sedgwick, that was a known hangout where older men went to cruise young men. The document asserts that Sedgwick had no personal knowledge of the hostel, and that he heard about it from other sources.

Sedgwick concluded that Hitler most likely did not engage in same-sex sexuality or in an intimate relationship with another man during his youth. Though the report concludes that Hitler expressed both “heterosexuality” and “homosexuality,” or that he may have been “bisexual,” it offers no conclusive evidence for any of its claims.

So, controversy, false claims, amateur psychoanalysis, and historical revisionism continue.

But who really cares about Hitler’s, or any of the Nazi leaderships’ sexual tastes and behaviors? The Nazis – and each person of all nations and political viewpoints – must be judged on their statements, actions, and behaviors.

The sexual behavior of an individual or a group of people does not and cannot represent the behaviors, views, politics, morality, or any other human characteristic of an entire community. Two people who may be sexually attracted to a third person of their own sex most likely may have nothing else in common with one another aside from that simultaneous attraction.

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