New paper ignites storm over whether teens experience ‘rapid onset’ of transgender identity

Old but yet more of the dehumanizing BS

From Science Mag:

By Meredith Wadman

Controversy is exploding around a paper published earlier this month in PLOS ONE by a public health expert at Brown University describing reports by parents that their children suddenly experienced unease with the gender they were assigned at birth; the paper calls the condition “rapid onset gender dysphoria” (ROGD). The paper, by physician-scientist Lisa Littman, is drawing fierce criticism from transgender advocates, who call it antitransgender because it suggests that some cases of gender dysphoria may be “socially contagious.” They say the paper has serious methodological flaws, noting that Littman interviewed only parents, not the young people themselves, and recruited from websites frequented by parents who were concerned about their children’s apparently sudden gender transitions. Meanwhile, the reactions of Brown and the journal are being assailed by critics who accuse them of caving to political pressure.

On Monday, PLOS ONE announced it is conducting a postpublication investigation of the study’s methodology and analysis. “This is not about suppressing academic freedom or scientific research. This is about the scientific content itself—whether there is anything that needs to be looked into or corrected,” PLOS ONE Editor-in-Chief Joerg Heber in San Francisco, California, told ScienceInsider in an interview yesterday.

Also on Monday, Brown officials removed the university’s press release highlighting the paper from its website. On Tuesday, Bess Marcus, dean of Brown’s School of Public Health, wrote in an open statement that the university acted “in light of questions raised about research design and data collection related to the study.” She added that people in the Brown community have raised concerns that the study’s conclusions “could be used to discredit efforts to support transgender youth and invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community.”

The actions by the journal and the university have infuriated some researchers who say the moves trample academic freedom, although the paper remains freely available. “This is a sad day for @BrownUniversity, and an indictment of the integrity of their academic and administrative leadership,” Jeffrey Flier, a former dean of Harvard Medical School in Boston and a professor of medicine there, tweeted on Monday. In an interview with ScienceInsider, he called elements of Marcus’s statement “anti-intellectual” and “completely antithetical to academic freedom,” and said he found it “horrifying” that Brown failed to defend Littman. A petition urging Brown and PLOS ONE “to resist ideologically-based attempts to squelch controversial research evidence” was gathering 80 signatures per hour on Wednesday.

The paper is the first in the literature to name ROGD, which it describes as a sudden onset of gender dysphoria during or after puberty in an adolescent or young adult. Littman based the paper on findings from a 90-question survey completed by 256 parents of transgender youths with an average age of 16. She recruited the parents from three websites where she had seen parents describe sudden transgender transitions in their adolescents—4thWaveNow, Transgender Trend, and Youth TransCritical Professionals. The first two are gathering places for parents concerned by their children’s exploration of a transgender identity. (The third website is closed to nonmembers.) According to the parents surveyed, none of their children had symptoms that matched the professionally defined diagnosis of gender dysphoria during childhood. The finding suggests “that not all [young people] presenting at these vulnerable ages are correct in their self-assessment of the cause of their symptoms,” Littman wrote in the paper. She suggested some young people may be seeking gender transition to escape other emotional difficulties.

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For what it is worth organizations like 4th Wave Now, Transgender Trend, and Youth Transcritical Professional tend to be Fundamentalist Christian/right wing hate organizations some of which disguise their bigotry as concern.  Others like Quilllette disguise their bigotry as feminism and serious inquiry.

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The Right Wing BS really shows through in the following by the same author:

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Study finds no link between transgender rights law and bathroom crimes

From The Boston Globe:

By Globe Staff
September 12, 2018

A first-of-its-kind study being released Wednesday refutes the premise that the state’s transgender antidiscrimination law threatens public safety, finding no relation between public transgender bathroom access and crimes that occur in bathrooms.

Researchers at the Williams Institute, a think tank focused on gender identity at the UCLA School of Law, examined restroom crime reports in Massachusetts cities of similar size and comparable demographics and found no increase in crime and no difference between cities that had adopted transgender policies and those that had not. The data were collected for a minimum of two years before a statewide antidiscrimination law took effect in 2016.

Activists who want to undo that state law through a ballot question in the Nov. 6 election have focused their campaign message on bathroom safety concerns. They suggest that a new right for transgender people infringes on everyone else’s privacy rights, and could be abused by men who want to prey upon women and children in ladies’ rooms. The vote is being closely watched nationwide because it offers the nation’s first public referendum on transgender rights in the state that first introduced gay marriage.

Transgender activists bristle at the idea that the campaign casts them as potential sexual offenders and have argued that there is no evidence that the law threatens anyone’s safety.

A spokesman for the Freedom for All Massachusetts campaign, which is working to preserve the law, said the Williams Institute study reaffirms that stance.

“It really takes the wind out of the sails of our opponents who have been trying to paint this false picture,” said spokesman Matthew Wilder.

Yvette Ollada, a spokeswoman for the “Vote No on 3” campaign, said she could not speak to the study before reviewing it, but she questioned its objectivity since the opposing campaign was anticipating its release.

“If it’s unbiased, wouldn’t they send it to both campaigns?” Ollada said.

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