Fixing the Gays and Continually Moving the Goalpost

Make no mistake ROGD is just part of the Christian Right Wing attack on the LGBT Community.  Trans-folks are simply the one seen as being the most vulnerable.  These bigots use psychiatry the same way the Nazis did, as a weapon to attack a class of people.

They have been attacking the 1960s and everything good that grew out og the 1960s for the past fifty years.

Looks like the old scam artist Nicolosi passed his scam on to his bigot quack son.


From Canyon Walker Connections:

September 6, 2018

There’s a new method of “fixing the gays” that is descending from heaven. Or more correctly stated, since previous methods and therapies to convert those who are homosexual to heterosexuality have become the negative subject of movies, books, and documentaries, and have been found by experts and LGBTQ people themselves to be damaging, ineffective, and even illegal in some states, the ever-shifting goalposts of expectation set by social and religious conservatives are once again moving.

And, we’ve got yet another remedy.

Continuing in the footsteps of his recently deceased father, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. has created Reintegrative Therapy Association, and trademarked his “reintegrative therapy” technique. Reintegrative therapy is described as: “help(ing) the client to “reintegrate” the split-off parts of himself that were created due to childhood trauma. Using established, mainstream, evidence-based treatment interventions, the client and therapist enter into a collaborative relationship, with the client ultimately in the driver’s seat.”

Nicolosi Jr. is in the early stages of launching his new technique which may appear to be quite similar to reparative therapy, because it is. Nuanced subtly to create microns of space to distance itself from reparative therapy, reintegrative therapy seeks to heal childhood wounds so that homosexual feelings vanish, or even disappear.

Nicolosi, Jr recently appeared on the radio podcast AskDrBrown (author of several the-gays-must-change-and-are-endangering-the-culture-and-assaulting-Christianity-books) to explain his methods and upcoming plans, including a book on the topic and international training sessions for therapists who want to use this technique.

Another devotee of the reintegrative therapy method, Dr. David Pickup, appeared on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk  (Full Transcript Part 1 and Part 2 ) on September 5th and 6th lauding the efficacy of reintegrative therapy.

During the two part interview, Pickup asserted that his counseling methods were based in love, wisdom, compassion, truth, and respect of the rights of his clients. Along with Dobson, he rehashed old, disproven causes of homosexuality along with benefits of therapy, including:

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