White House Hosts Christian Leader Who Implied Trans People in Bathrooms Should be Shot

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Kate Sosin
28 Aug 2018

As LGBTQ advocates scramble to head off a crisis of transgender murders in the U.S., the Trump White House sat down for dinner with a Christian leader who advocates shooting transgender people who dare use public bathrooms.

On Monday, The White House hosted James Dobson, along with a spate of vehement anti-LGBTQ religious leaders, at a dinner celebrating Evangelical leaders.

Dobson, the infamous anti-gay activist who founded Focus on the Family, implied transgender people should be murdered in bathrooms, after President Obama directed schools to allow students to use a bathroom corresponding with their gender identity in 2016.

Writing for World Net Daily, Dobson described transgender people as perverts.

“If you are a dad, I pray you will protect your little girls from men who walk in unannounced, unzip their pants and urinate in front of them,” he wrote. “If this had happened 100 years ago, someone might have been shot. Where is today’s manhood? God help us!”

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a photo of himself strolling with Dobson and their wives on Monday.

Dobson was not the only radioactive figure embraced by the White House Monday night. Ivanka Trump, who reportedly worked behind the scenes to convince her father to keep Obama-era LGBTQ workplace protections, has been roundly criticized for posing for photos with anti-gay champion Jim Garlow, who also managed to squeeze into shots with Trump, Pence, Kellyanne Conway and Melania Trump.

Garlow has repeatedly claimed that same-sex marriage is the work of Satan. According to GLAAD, Garlow thinks Christians should rise up the way they did during the Revolutionary War.

“They would pick up a musket and ask: ‘Who’s going to go fight with me?’” Garlow said. “And so the revolutionary armies during that time came from pastors leading the churches. It’s known as the Black-Robed Regiment. And we need a black-robed regiment today. We need pastors who are willing to stand up. And we need persons who are in the pews to stand up with them…”

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