Gay Mansfield art teacher won’t hide her family life from students, wife says

From The Fort Worth Star Telegram:

By Bill Hanna And Diane Smith
August 13, 2018

On the first day of school last year, Stacy Bailey used a slide presentation to introduce herself to students.

In one slide, she introduced her wife-to-be to students with them wearing costumes of the popular Disney characters, Nemo and Dory.

To Bailey, a former teacher of the year, mentioning her fiancee at the time was nothing out of the ordinary. To some parents and administrators in the Mansfield school district, it was something else. It was promoting a gay agenda.

A year later, Bailey has filed a lawsuit against the school district and is back in the classroom. This time it’s a high school instead of an elementary school. The question is: Will she do it again?

Her wife, Julie Vasquez, has confirmed Bailey plans to use the same presentation she did a year ago at her new school, Lake Ridge High. What will be the school district’s reaction if she does?

Vasquez declined to elaborate. Bailey’s attorney, Jason Smith, said his client won’t be talking — for now.

“I really want Stacy to focus on getting back to school,” Smith said. “Right now, with where she’s at, she really doesn’t want to say anything else.”

The Star-Telegram filed an open records request to obtain a copy of the presentation, but a Texas Attorney General opinion ruled it can’t be released by the school district because it is part of a court case. However, if all parties obtain copies of the presentation through discovery, it becomes a public record.

In May, Bailey filed a federal lawsuit claiming sexual orientation discrimination. Last week, the school district filed a motion to dismiss the case. The district said she discussed her same-sex marriage with her second-grade class and that a well-known male artist, Jasper Johns, had a male “life partner.”

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