27% of California adolescents say they are viewed as gender nonconforming, study finds

But what does that mean?  I was around during the period of time when the Cockettes to Andy Warhol Superstars and David Bowie as well as the New York Dolls were messing with the trappings of corporate gender.  Hair Bands in semi gender fuck drag.  Is this what they are talking about when they say “gender nonconforming”?  Clothes are clothes.  Make-up is make-up?  Just because one is labeled for men and one for women is pretty fucking meaningless.

Or are they talking about the internal sense of self?

In a world of bloviating academics who coin words left and right one would think someone could come up with more specific terms for the various aspects that are currently called “gender” than what we presently have.

For example 50 years ago we differentiated between “Core Gender Identity” for that sense of self and “gender roles” for the social.  We also felt freer to use the word sex as in “transsexual”.

From UCLA Newsroom: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/27-of-california-adolescents-are-gender-nonconforming-study-finds

The survey measures youths’ perceptions of how they are seen by their student peers

Rachel Dowd
December 13, 2017

A new UCLA study finds that 27 percent, or 796,000, of California’s youth, ages 12 to 17, report they are viewed by others as gender nonconforming at school.

The study also assessed differences in mental health among gender nonconforming youth and gender conforming youth in the state, and found no significant difference in the rates of lifetime suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts between gender nonconforming youth and their gender conforming peers. However, gender nonconforming youth were more than twice as likely to have experienced psychological distress in the past year.

“The data show that more than one in four California youth express their gender in ways that go against the dominant stereotypes,” said lead author Bianca D.M. Wilson, the Rabbi Barbara Zacky Senior Scholar of Public Policy at the Williams Institute. “However, the heightened psychological distress we see among gender nonconforming youth indicates that we must continue to educate parents, schools and communities on the mental health needs of these young people and reduce known risk factors, such as bullying and bias.”

The study, released by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, analyzed data collected from nearly 1,600 California households in the 2015-2016 California Health Interview Survey. It is the first time this survey has included questions about gender expression among teens.

Gender nonconforming refers to people whose behaviors and appearance defy the dominant cultural and societal stereotypes of their gender. The health interview survey measured gender expression by asking adolescents how they thought people at school viewed their physical expressions of femininity and masculinity. Youth who reported that people at school saw them as equally masculine and feminine were categorized as “androgynous.” Girls who thought they were seen as mostly or very masculine and boys who thought they were seen as mostly or very feminine were categorized as “highly gender nonconforming.”

Key findings of the study include:

  • 27 percent, or 796,000, of California’s youth, ages 12 to 17, report they are viewed by others as gender nonconforming at school, including 6.2 percent who are highly gender nonconforming and 20.8 percent who are androgynous.
  • Highly gender nonconforming, androgynous and gender conforming youth do not statistically differ in rates of lifetime suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.
  • As a group, both highly gender nonconforming and androgynous youth reported higher levels of psychological distress compared to their gender-conforming peers.

The finding that gender nonconforming youth in California do not have higher rates of suicide differs from the findings of some previous research. The study co-authors suggest that the variation in findings may be due to sample-size limitations of this study or possibly to the state’s supportive policies for gender nonconforming people. California is one of several states that expressly prohibit bullying and discrimination against gender nonconforming people in schools and public accommodations, among other arenas.

Continue reading at: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/27-of-california-adolescents-are-gender-nonconforming-study-finds

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  1. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Have you read Dean Spade’s, Documenting Gender? Spade received the Jesse Dukeminier Award for that piece. Spade is a graduate of UCLA Law School and was a teaching fellow at the Williams Institute. His notions about gender identity are the ones that have prevailed at the Williams Institute, Lambda Legal and the Fenway Institute in Boston. In Documenting Gender, Spade has recommended that sex/gender markers be eliminated from official documents but that people be categorized according to whether they have a uterus or a prostate. He really seems to revile post transsexual females.

    The Fenway Institute, along with the Center for American Progress, and Lambda Legal have teamed up with the Center for Disease Control to what they call “tag” anyone who is post transsexual and who identifies as male, or female, as “transgender” and be categorized by their sex assigned at birth. The reason given, pretty much, is that people who are “male assigned” and classified as “transgender” are considered a health risk to the general population by these organizations and, essentially, should be put on an HIV/AIDS registry. The CDC classification is called the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System(BRFSS). These groups give some lip service to cervical and uterine cancer but it is a smoke screen. Given just a little thought, it is not too difficult to see what bad medicine this involves, and who is being targeted for discrimination.

    The program at UCSF is also involved – Joanne Keatley, Maddie Deutsch. Statistics have been gathered in the Tenderloin indicating the incidence of HIV+ among some population, somehow defined, in a way I am very unsure of, that is very high for people they classify as “transgender”, which can be just about anyone, it seems. Estimates are of 27% from a meta analysis in high risk areas of U S cities and Puerto Rico. However, when a similar population is gathered using the same criteria in other parts of the U S, that number shrinks to 2% in places like Minnesota, which is exactly the same as it is for the general population.

    I’ve read through many of these papers. One of the authors whose name appears on them is Don Oprerio:


    He is from the Bay Area but is part of the program and Brown Medical School here, now. He is a colleague of at least a couple of my neighbors who specialize in addictions and HIV/AIDS. These people are very, very, close neighbors. One lives across the street from me. Another lives one house over and owns the run down shack next to our house, which is separated from us by a five foot alley. What these people don’t know about transsexualism would fill volumes, yet they’re the ones making the public policy. Actually, it’s nuts the way this touches my life in so many ways. I have absolutely zero confidence in the ability of these people to comprehend transsexualism. I have identified at least 5 people in my neighborhood who have been involved in the addictions studies program at Brown. One, who is at the University of Hawaii now, I knew fairly well. They spend a lot of time in the prisons. They are the last people who should be running these programs. I see a lot of similarities between what they’re involved with and what goes on in places like the CAMH.

    I wrote the following on my Facebook page. I have dual citizenship with Ireland which passed a Gender Recognition Act a few years ago; Re: Williams Institute/NCTE statistics I wrote this(Note: In Ireland, in order to receive ‘gender recognition’ one only has to make a commitment to living in the gender they choose. No medical interventions are required):

    “The number on my Republic of Ireland Gender Recognition Certificate is #235. I’m the 235th. At last count, the population of the Republic of Ireland is listed @ 4,777,252. That doesn’t count people like me who are registered with the Department of Foreign Trade who are on the Foreign Births Registry. I think there are quite a few in England, alone, never mind the U S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Anyway, as of last summer, when I finally received my certificate, the percentage who actually had a need to have their reassignments certified only represented 5 in every 100,000 people or 1 in 20,000 people, at most. That is 133 times less than the Williams Institute counts under National Center for Transgender Equality’s definition of “transgender”, in terms of percentages in the U S. They count .6 % which would be 1 in every 150.”

    Now the Williams Institute is up from .6% to 27%?

    Another read relevant to this kind of erasure by dilution is Spade’s, Resisting Medicine, Re/modeling Gender, which Spade wrote when Spade was at Barnard, I think. I never knew who Claudine Griggs was before I read that one. Claudine Griggs was born in Tennessee, as was I, and has been living in Rhode Island, as do I. I don’t relate to Griggs at all but the way Spade targeted her in Resisting Medicine, Re/modeling Gender was pretty cruel in my estimation.

    I’ve mentioned all this before in relation to Lambda Legal. It goes way deeper than I am able to write about here. I’ve had this stuff erased on certain people’s Facebook pages. What it seems to come down to is that all these so called advocacy groups are dismissing people’s legal sex reassignments and reassigning their(my) gender as a “transgender identity” and their(my) sex to whatever you were assigned at birth, regardless. I know it’s unbelievable but I have a bibliography as long as my arm that contains the details and specifics of what this entails. I had a horrible experience last June when I had a needle biopsy done on one of my breasts.

    I don’t know if you know who Michael Davis is, but he presides over the Federal Court in the District of Minnesota. He is the one who wrote on behalf of Christine Radtke who was accused of fraud for asserting she was female. It has to be the most important court decision for people who have had their sex reassigned. The aforementioned “advocacy groups” seem to have no regard for what Judge Davis wrote about the mutability of sex and how Radtke is actually female, not the sex she was assigned at birth. I’m old business and I’m very angry about all these things. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were young and had to face the rest of my life this way.

    • Suzan Says:

      At the risk of sounding facile, I’d rather stick pencils in my eyes than read the bullshit from most of these folks.

      Indeed I’m currently in love with Faye Kellerman and her Decker Lazarus novel and have number seven here on my desk fresh from Amazon. Much less disturbing. For heavier reading I have Churchill’s six volume history of WW II.

      Remember I swore off the Trans Wars and all a few years back. Passed the torch. I just report stuff now and share things I am reading and find interesting.

      Being an old hippie dyke is good for me, taking care of myself and Tina is more important than fighting an eternal fight. I led the way 50 years ago. Now I am old and having to adjust to having family once again, having to learn social graces I forgot long ago.

  2. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Susan, I see huge, huge problems here. A lot of my life has felt the impact of the AIDS epidemic in such a personal way that it is impossible to write about it w/out sounding like I’m one of Susan Faludi’s parents, when I consider my life trajectory to have much more in common w/ Lynne Conway’s, even if I’m not anything like either. Let’s just say stereotypes have a muzzling effect on thoughtful discourse. I’m serious about this. This is The Fenway Institute, who is in bed w/ the CAP and Clinton Foundation:


    You once accused me of being “one of those Boston ‘transpeople'”. If you only knew how short that sells me. I’ve commented about this here, on Medium to one of Julia Serano’s posts about “biological sex”, and had Ashley Love delete 2 of my comments about this on my Facebook page. I understand what Goliaths the Clinton Foundation and CAP are. I don’t care. I get nothing from them except the kind of mistreatment I wrote about. If I ever find I have to go into the hospital I’ll try to find a doctor, like my spouse’s brother did out in San Francisco, who was dying of AIDS in 1992, so I don’t have to be tortured by ignoramuses trained by Lambda, CAP and The Fenway.

  3. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Correction: “on her Facebook page”(Ashley Love’s), not “my Facebook page”.

    • Suzan Says:

      Ashley Love… I assumed she had returned to the fold. Daughter of CeCe Winans and Alvin Love of Nashville Life Church. An overly privileged twit who wen to Pepperdine out in Malibu.

      I used to take part in the Trans Wars. I withdrew. Please accept my apologies for words I used which hurt or offended you. I was caught up in a meaningless rhetorical war at the time.

      I am kind of the last one left of my friends from the late 1960s early 1970s. AA and sobriety since 01/01/2001 saved my life. Letting go of some of the baggage I used to carry has been part of it.

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