From Ad Busters:

There’s a new kid on the block, and they’ve come out swinging. Anti-fa, or anti-fascist, groups have exploded around the country to fight back against growing fascism and nazism. Anti-fa doesn’t hold back. As the frontline of the new Left, they are willing to fight violence with violence, and have no qualms with shutting down nazis wherever they appear.

For years the black bloc was the only voice of radicalism distinguishing between violence and reactive self-defence. We may now be witnessing something special, as a new generation of activists coalesces around anti-fascism. Anti-fa members do not fall into the trap of political-correctness like so many liberals, but, instead, tell it like it is, and are not afraid to act on their beliefs. They don’t lean on the government for support, choosing to subvert the violent police-state to defend the most vulnerable.

So Lefties, listen up! Over the last forty years, the Left has failed to take bold action to support radical voices. Anti-fa has stepped in to fill the void, but has been met with criticism and dissent. Rather than bashing anti-fa, let’s push further.

Anti-fa is a bright spot on a dark political landscape. But dare I say: the Left is dead if their only radical faction is reactive by nature. Anti-fa coalesces around alt-right rallies, and waits for fascists to appear before shutting them down. But is it possible to build a constructive global coalition on the left beyond anti-fa? How about smashing the global hierarchy, and building a new world from the bottom-up?

“Resist! Resist! Resist!” is the only chant we hear echoing through the streets, directed towards Trump Tower and the White House. How about: “Dream! Dream! Dream!”


What Does a Leader of the Vietnam Anti-War Movement Think About Ken Burns’s Documentary?

I lived through it and experienced it differently.  I was in SDS.  I was an anti-war hippie.  I lived with a Marine who deserted and busted him out when he was arrested.  There was a classic Kurosawa movie titled Roshomon that  had several witnesses all describe the rape of a woman, all the witnesses experienced the event differently. Who you were and what you did during that war creates the reality of events for you.

In retrospect though even the harshest hawks need to ask themselves if the deaths of all those people were necessary to produce a developing nation well know for their cheap clothes production and cheap if some what dubiously healthy farmed shrimp.

From The Nation:

According to Todd Gitlin, the film is an extraordinary portrayal of the people who lived through the war—both Americans and Vietnamese.

The Roots of Trump’s Prejudice | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann