WWII Era Anti-Fascism Film from US – “Don’t Be A Sucker”

This is a film from the year I was born. My father’s parents came from Poland. While we should always remember Holocaust and the Nazis murdering 6 Million Jews from all over Europe, 3 Million from Poland alone, we also need to remember they murdered nearly 3 Million Catholic Poles too. Along with some 20 Million Soviets.

We should never forget or forgive what the Nazis did.

A little over 150 years ago the South rose up in an act of treason, defending the indefensible, the chattel slavery of African American people. It was the bloodiest war in our history.

I grew up in the Adirondacks, where John Brown’s bones lie moldering in his grave. As a child my blood raced and shivers went up and down my spine when I heard the Battle Hymn of the Republic with either its original words or with the words that dedicated it to John Brown.

I had ancestors who fought for the Union in that war. The believed in America, the Republic and in the Abolition of Slavery.

Further back I had ancestors who rose up against the tyranny of England and King George.

I stand for the freedom, dignity and rights of the very people the Nazis and KKK would most oppress. They would oppress me for my very being, as for the others they would oppress, immigrants, people of color, Jews and so on and so on…. I learned my lessons well from the literature I grew up reading. Like Tom Joad, where ever there are a people being oppressed I will be there. When they come for Spartacus, I will stand and say, “I am Spartacus.”

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