Beilue: Bathroom bill is runaway fear at its worst

From Amarillo Globe News:

By Jon Mark Beilue
July 28, 2017

I’m not a liberal. I’m part of a growing group I’d call “embarrassed conservatives” — a large faction growing by the day who admired and voted for Ronald Reagan and wonders what in the world happened to sane, reasonable conservatism in the wake of the election of Donald Trump and what has drifted down further to the statehouse.

I give you Texas Senate Bill 3, otherwise known as the “Bathroom Bill,” that the Senate passed 21-10 after much debate and rancor on Tuesday. It is a bill that targets the small group of transgender people under the overhyped and exaggerated excuse of public safety.

The bill states that people will be required to use bathrooms and changing rooms at public and charter schools, and buildings overseen by local governments, based on the sex listed on their birth certificate or state-issued ID card. It would strike down parts of city laws that protect transgenders from using a public restroom based on gender identity.

In other words, that bearded fella who changed sex to a man 25 years ago may have to line up with the women. And that transgendered woman? Well, it’s going to be tricky, but she might have to navigate the urinal.

This bill is commandeered by — who else? — Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other Republicans. They aren’t the late great Reagan Republicans, but an alt-right group that lives in perpetual fear that the boogeyman is coming after its citizens as they cling to one worst-case scenario after another.

Remember when Obama’s election was supposed to be the end of home ownership of guns and all the run it caused on buying ammo and handguns? Adults acting like tin-foil-hat fools. How did that work out? Do you still have them?

Now we have Senate Republicans, who usually preach limited government, throwing down the Big Government hammer in the face of all kinds of rational arguments that span the gamut from business leaders to school districts, from chambers of commerce to police chiefs.

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