Ellen isn’t your scapegoat: Caitlyn Jenner has no one to blame for her tarnished public image but herself

I love Ellen a whole lot more than  that Trump Groupie, Jenner.

From Salon:  http://www.salon.com/2017/04/20/ellen-is-not-your-scapegoat-caitlyn-jenner-has-no-one-to-blame-for-her-tarnished-public-image-but-herself/

In her memoir, “The Secrets of My Life,” Jenner blames DeGeneres for her lack of LGBT fans

Caitlyn Jenner still doesn’t get it.

 In an excerpt of the Olympian’s forthcoming memoir, the 67-year-old blames talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres for her poor standing with the LGBT community. Jenner, who came out as transgender during a May 2015 interview with Diane Sawyer, appeared on “The Ellen Show” a few months later to discuss her evolution on LGBT issues. The gold medalist complained in her book, “The Secrets of My Life,” that DeGeneres “took what I said out of context” to make the interview “go viral.” In the now-infamous segment, Jenner confessed that she was slow to support marriage equality, claiming that she’s a “traditionalist.”

“I did not initially understand why marriage was so important, influenced no doubt by my own personal experience,” she added in the memoir, which is set to be released later this month. “Now I do, and it’s a wonderful thing to see.”

With all due respect, it’s utterly absurd and disingenuous to suggest that DeGeneres — who challenged Jenner’s evolution on the issue in a calm yet respectful manner — has anything to do with her widespread unpopularity. Jenner knows better. The reason why the former reality star has become a pariah in the LGBT community is that she pissed away all the goodwill she earned two years ago with her continued support of the Republican Party, as well as her repeated tone-deaf comments on trans issues. If she wants to blame someone for the mess she’s made of her public image, Jenner shouldn’t point the finger at Ellen. She should call up her good friend Donald Trump — or better yet, get a mirror.

To watch a figure who at one time was so universally beloved drive her career off a cliff has been utterly heartbreaking — but nobody can say the LGBT community didn’t try to stop it.

Jenner was a cause célèbre in 2015, lauded for her public bravery in becoming one of the few famous figures to ever come out as transgender. A former Wheaties box fixture, Jenner won the ESPYs’ Arthur Ashe Courage Award, meant to honor trailblazers and game changers in professional athletics. Previous recipients of the honor have included Billie Jean King, Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell and Michael Sam — quite illustrious company. The public support for Jenner was so overwhelming and unconditional that “South Park” satirized the fact that if she got a pimple, you’d have to call it “stunning.”

As Tyra Banks might say, we were all rooting for her. But alas. Oh, alas.

The cracks in Jenner’s carefully curated PR blitz started to show after the Olympian started speaking out about her political beliefs, which had always leaned conservative. She was a Republican before her transition and a Republican she would remain. As I wrote in an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, there’s actually something quite noble about her persistent claims that she can change the GOP from the inside — by working with lawmakers and politicians who may have never met a trans person before. Jenner gave a rousing speech at an event timed to the 2016 Republican National Convention, saying, “The Republican Party needs to understand, they need to know people who are trans.”

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