Texas transgender mayor Jess Herbst takes action in Austin

From Planet Transgender:  http://planettransgender.com/texas-transgender-mayor-jess-herbst-takes-action-in-austin/

by Kelli Busey
April 15, 2017

New Hope Mayor Jess Herbst led a group of transgender activists to the halls of the Legislative building Thursday, April 6th in response to SB6, the infamous Texas bathroom bill.

Mayor Herbst was hopeful that after lawmakers had an opportunity to meet the people they are so intent on criminalizing they might have a change of heart. Perhaps her group succeeded in some way as the far right ‘Texas Freedom Caucus”(TFC) failed to advance SB6 Thursday.

But on the following Monday, it was learned that TFC house members used the ‘Bathroom’ amendment as a bargaining chip to defund Planned Parenthood while bringing HB 2899, an act which would strip LGBT protections from 9 million Texans to a public debate at the State Affairs Committee Wednesday.

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