It’s Time to Ignore Caitlyn Jenner

I started ignoring Caitlyn the moment she became the the Transgender Advocate du Jour.  I found all the fawning over her to be really repulsive just as I find her as a person. Sort of how I find Ann Coulter.  Wrong to pick on them for being transgender but okay to loathe as really nasty douches when it comes to being human beings.

She is completely over, not even her latest move, as announced in the Washington Blade, is going to cause me to give a shit about anything she does.  Washington Blade: Caitlyn Jenner reveals she underwent gender reassignment surgery

From Alternet:

She was a culturally significant figure in the tidal wave of trans visibility, but taking up space is not a radical act.

By Sam Riedel / The Establishment
April 7, 2017

At home in her gleaming estate mere days after the Trump administration rescinded guidelines on protecting transgender youth, Caitlyn Jenner donned a pastel-pink blouse and addressed thousands of threatened children who feared for their safety. Her message? “You’re winning.”

No, seriously.

Jenner went on to chide Attorney General (for now) Jeff Sessions by calling him insecure and intimating he was a bully, and closed with a request for the President of the United States to personally call her, “one Republican to another.” It was a terrifically lukewarm bit of armchair advocacy from the woman Glamour heralded as a “Trans Champion” less than two years ago — but even this anemic, self-aggrandizing speech was more than her community had come to expect.

To put it bluntly: It’s time to start ignoring Caitlyn Jenner instead of treating her like a trans icon.

While it’s true that Jenner was a culturally significant figure in the recent tidal wave of trans visibility, simply taking up space is not — in and of itself — an especially radical act when you’re a white woman with an eight- or nine-figure net worth. The amount of influence which Jenner wields is staggering, but she has yet to use it in any meaningful way, while trans activists and community builders living far below her level of privilege toil every day, doing the real work.

What has Jenner done since coming out? Well, she won a Teen Choice Award for Social Media Queen in 2015 and nabbed a gig as the face of H&M Sport last March. She was one of last year’s Time 100, and in June 2016 she became the first trans woman to appear on the cover of Sports IllustratedShe also posted a video on behalf of Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, noting that she used the women’s bathroom in Trump Tower and “nobody got molested.” We’ll come back to that.

Jenner also began her own reality TV franchise that shed light on her transition, though the show was canceled after its second season. Looking back on I Am Cait charitably, its largest contributions to the general discourse may have been the segments in which other trans women called Jenner out on her privileged bullshit. This became apparent in season 2, when Jenner embarked on a prolonged bus trip with “friends” such as Jennifer Boylan and Kate Bornstein.

While her companions may have been controversial figures in the trans community, Jenner was another beast entirely. In one infamous clip, Jenner asserted that then-candidate Trump “would be very good for women’s issues…I don’t think he’s out there to destroy women or take things away or any of that kind of stuff.” Boylan put it best when she exclaimed, “Kill me now,” and left the room.

Those segments highlighted one broad truth: how woefully out of touch Jenner was with regards to intersectional feminism in general and transgender rights in particular. I Am Cait professed to share the story of how Jenner would conquer the steep learning curve: After a lifetime spent steeping in different kinds of privilege, Jenner would be confronted with reality. The only problem is that nothing ever really got through to Jenner, even after witnessing the deeply personal and nuanced discussions Boylan and Bornstein had with one another and meeting with myriad community activists to confront complicated and often painful lives Jenner never had to live.

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