Trans model Isis King slams Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender advocacy

From The Washington Blade:

by Mariah Cooper
February 28, 2017

Transgender model Isis King is calling out Caitlyn Jenner for not grasping the intersectionality that comes along with advocating for transgender issues.

Jenner released a video addressing President Donald Trump about his decision to revoke federal guidelines protecting transgender students. At the end of the video, Jenner urges Trump to call her to discuss LGBT issues.

King, 31, penned an open letter to Jenner after the video was released and says she’s not convinced Jenner is the one for the job.

“I just saw the clip of Caitlyn calling out Donald Trump and it reminded me that internal issues of color and class within the trans community have to be dealt with,” King writes. “I believe it clouds Caitlyn’s ability to actually relate to this community — our community — that she advocates for.”

“Caitlyn: I have, like so many women of color, helped blazed trails for our sisters, brothers and siblings, and I have seen how you treated me. We do not need you to save us,” King continued.

Back in October, King says the two were both at the TransNation Queen USA Pageant in Los Angeles. While King says she was “looking forward” to meeting Jenner because they were both doing service for the community, an incident at the elevator changed her views on the former Olympian.

“Caitlyn and her handler walked in front of me as if I had not been waiting and straight into the empty elevator,” King writes.

The woman ushering King then allegedly joined Jenner and her assistant telling King, “I’m sorry. Can you wait until the next one comes?”

“I was completely stunned because the elevator could clearly hold at least eight people,” King continued. “I could not believe this happened to me, and immediately felt as if I had just been told to move to the back of the bus. It was as if I was not good enough, not worthy enough, not rich enough, not famous enough to ride with these three white women. Wasn’t I also there as a special guest?”

King, a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland, competed on Cycle 17 of “America’s Next Top Model.” She also appears on “Strut,” a reality show that follows transgender models working in the industry.

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