Caitlyn Jenner’s Mission

The only thing being trans (whether you prefer transsexual or transgender as a descriptor) means is that you are trans.  It doesn’t imply membership in some sort of family, politics or religion.

I think perhaps the bright lights of fame and notoriety have blinded Jennifer Boylan to the evil embraced by Caitlyn Jenner.

I may consider myself a member of some sort of nebulous LGBT community, albiet it more so as a lesbian than as part of my past history of having had SRS, butI don’t feel that either Milo or Caitlyn are part of the same community I feel I am part of.

From The New York Times:

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  1. georgesmith1963 Says:

    Hey Caitlyn Jenner or Bruce Jenner, those child molesting righteous high moral republican believers of GAWD (the same GAWD that Pharisees believed in) have made it clear that it’s only alright if rich folks are gay, lesbian or transgender. But hey you and those rich folks are going to get tax breaks galore so I guess you made it easier for regular folks at least foreign visa workers that republicans hire to keep real Americans wages low. But let’s build that wall so Trump and your rich buddies can be the only ones getting cheap foreign labor. Bout time republicans triple the national debt again like Reagan(900 billion to 3 trillion=2 trillion debt), lend their kinfolks and buddies 1 trillion dollars in no payback loans like SNL or start another 5 trillion dollar war or crash the economy and require another 3 trillion in bailouts and jump starts to get the economy out of the ditch, then blame the president with the least new spending since Eisenhower for that big ole debt. That’s 11 Trillion of wasted money on the rich and getting folks killed for profit plus interest brought to you buy republicans. There is nothing Christian or fiscally conservative about a republican. Keep pouring wealth down the throats of the rich and maybe one day they will throw up and rain down money all over working folks. Yeah right.

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