Europe’s karmic destiny

From Israel National News:

Europe’s actions, now and in the past, have led to the reaping of a horrible harvest.

Phyllis Chesler
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In 2004 and 2005 Islamic terrorists blew up the Madrid train and London subway;  243 civilians were murdered and 2,750 were wounded.

Neither attack stopped the flow of Muslim immigrants nor staunched the politically correct thinking of European leaders about Islam.

In 2012, a terrorist shot and blew up seven people and wounded 125 civilians on the street of Liege, Belgium. That same year, in Burgess, Bulgaria, an Islamic terrorist blew up six civilians on a bus and wounded thirty more. The bus was transporting 42 Israeli tourists.

These murderous attacks did not change the immigration policies of Europe, which did not close its national borders or the borders of the EU. Anyone who arrived in Europe could still travel to any other European destination.

In early 2015, Islamic terrorists shot down and murdered 20 civilians and wounded 22 more in the infamous attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the kosher deli. Later that same year, Islamic terrorists murdered 130 civilians and wounded 368 more in Paris.

World leaders marched and sent condolences, but the European Union did not change its policies. It did not clean up its “no go” zones which police fear to enter, where terrorists hide out as they plan their attacks, and where Sharia law prevails, not European civil law.

In 2016, women were sexually assaulted by gangs of Muslim men in many cities in Germany, Austria, and Scandinavia. In Cologne alone, over 1,000 women were terrorized, corralled, robbed, groped, and penetrated.

Now, three months later, and despite police vigilance and an ongoing manhunt, Islamic terrorists blew up 34 civilians and wounded 83 more in Brussels, Belgium.

The groups which claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks include: Al-Qaeda, a lone non-Muslim Jihadist, Hezbollah (our Iranian partners), and ISIS (Obama’s JV team).

Of course, European Jews have been attacked as Jews everywhere in Europe during the 21st century. They have been bullied, beaten, stabbed, shot, kidnapped, tortured (remember Ilan Halimi z”l in Paris?) and blown up, mainly by Muslims.

It is all quite awful. What is going on? Here’s but one idea.

Historically, Europeans mobs and European leaders either led or were passively complicit in the systematic and perpetual pogroms of Jews and thereafter in the Nazi murder of six million Jews in the Holocaust.

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