Anti-vaxxer loons go ballistic on Mark Zuckerberg after he posts photo of daughter’s doctor visit

The Anti-Vax trip seems to have its roots in the anti-western medicine branch of the New Age Bullshit.  As Tim Minchin says,  “What do they call alternative medicine that works?  Oh yes they call it medicine.”

From Raw Story:

Tom Boggioni
09 Jan 2016

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stirred up a hornet’s nest of anti-science sentiment on Friday when he posted a photo on Facebook of himself with his daughter Max at the doctor’s office.

Zuckerberg’s offense?  Writing “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!

The Facebook posting immediately drew both praise and condemnation for the tech billionaire, as supporters of childhood vaccinations battled with anti-vaxxers in the comments on a post that was “liked” over 2.5 million times.

Among the over 56,000 comments were many who praised Zuckerberg for caring about his daughter’s health, including Stuart Duncan who wrote: “As someone with autism, with a son with autism, as someone who is constantly watching good people put their own children at serious risk because of old, fraudulent fears of vaccines and autism… thank you for being sensible. Thank you for doing what’s right and also for showing everyone else that it’s the right thing to do as well.”

The anti-vaxx movement has fought against child hood immunizations based upon a since discredited study linking childhood vaccines to autism. The anti-vaxx movement recently funded a new study  looking for a link, only to have it blow up in their faces when researchers returned empty-handed.

Whether Zuckerberg’s post was meant as a taunt or a simple reminder to get children vaccinated, the negative response was to be expected — or as Laura-Kathleen Redman commented, ” *patiently waits for anti-vaxxers to show up*”

And show up, they did.

“We all care about our kids. Growing up, my mom’s best friend had a perfectly healthy daughter. She received MMR and had a grand mal seizure and suffered brain damage. Her dr diagnosed her with vaccine injury. She was left unable to talk or walk for the rest of her life. So that was MY first personal experience with vaccines,” Amy Smith wrote. “Bottom line…A pharmaceutical that carries at least a risk of harm to some, should never be mandated. Because, in the end, no one seems to care about the ‘sacrifices’ made for the ‘common good.’”

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