WTF? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Wants to Keep Arresting Pot Smokers

If you believe in Freedom ending the War on Drugs is long over due.

Maybe it is time for a new political party.

From Alternet:

We have a DNC chair stuck in the last century when it comes to marijuana policy.

By Phillip Smith
January 7, 2016

The veteran Florida congresswoman and head of the Democratic National Committee has taken a lot of heat from the party’s liberal and progressive wing for numerous reasons, and now she’s just provided one more. In an interview with the New York Times magazine to be published Sunday, Wasserman-Schultz stood firm against marijuana legalization:

You’re one of a dwindling number of progressive politicians who oppose legalization of even the medical use of marijuana. Where does that come from? I don’t oppose the use of medical marijuana. I just don’t think we should legalize more mind-altering substances if we want to make it less likely that people travel down the path toward using drugs. We have had a resurgence of drug use instead of a decline. There is a huge heroin epidemic.

Heroin addiction often starts with prescribed painkillers. Pill mills were a problem in Florida, but the state didn’t make prescribing opiates illegal. There is a difference between opiates and marijuana.

Still, your opinion on this does seem like an outlier. It’s perfectly O.K. to not be completely predictable. I am a person, and I have individual opinions that may not line up ideologically. They’re formed by my personal experience both as a mom and as someone who grew up really bothered by the drug culture that surrounded my childhood  not mine personally. I grew up in suburbia.

Are there any other positions that you have that might surprise people? My criminal-justice record is perhaps not as progressive as some of my fellow progressives’.

It sounds as if these are things that come from a personal place for you. I guess I’m protective. Safety has been my top legislative priority. I’m driven by the idea that safety is really a core function of government.

Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t explain how giving people criminal records for smoking pot makes them “safer,” and she appears to still subscribe to the discredited gateway theory that if people start with marijuana, they’re going to end up as heroin addicts.

She also appears indifferent to the racial bias in the drug war, where black people are arrested for marijuana at a rate nearly four times that of whites. But if she ignores race, her response reeks of class privilege. She was “really bothered by the drug culture” –apparently the inner city drug culture – although it didn’t affect her personally because “I grew up in suburbia.”

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