Police Shootings Are About Class as Well as Race

Do you accept the Police version of the “Biker Gang War in Waco”?  What if I were to tell you there is evidence that most if not all of the killings were committed by Police armed witM4 assault weapons (the actual definition of assault weapon includes the ability to fire bursts or fully automatic.)

I know members of a couple of clubs involved who claim the police did all the shooting.

In the US we are trained from infancy to think of ourselves as a class free society.  In reality class oppression is every bit as real as racism.  Also our society is rigidly class segregated.

When was the last time you described someone as “white trash”?  Or “trailer park”?

Martin Luther King was murdered one year to the day after he started talking about class oppresion along side of racial oppression.

From Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-jesse-jackson/police-shootings-are-about-class-as-well-as-race_b_7972218.html

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