Screw “The Community”

Yesterday I got into an argument with a Transgender Warrior on Facebook.  Someone named Bayne MacGregor.

Looking at Bayne’s photo I hope they don’t insist on using the Women’s Restroom.

It isn’t enough that the gender queer/third sex wing of the Transgender Borg have managed to get post-op transsexuals included in “The Community” now they are getting us included in the right wing bills that would make it illegal for us to use the restrooms consistent with our genitals.

I listened to this person mansplain to me about the risk heterosexual women faced from lesbians using the same restroom.

“When I protested his bullshit and stated: I put women, as in adult females first.  I put their concerns first, even before the interests of transgender people because that is what it means to be a feminist.” Bayne used his privileged position to tell me I needed therapy to overcome my internalized transphobia.  Interestingly the spell checker in most programs doesn’t recognize “transphobia” as a word.

Bayne wildly exaggerates the number of “non-binary” what ever the fuck that phrase is actually supposed to mean any where other than on Tthe Planet of the Transgender Borg. Bayne is truly out of this world, when it comes to dictating to transsexuals, especially post-op what their role in this Brave New World Order will be.  Sort of like Stokley Carmichael back in the days of SNCC dictating that, “The position of women in SNCC is to be prone.”

Well I’ve come a long way, baby.

Mansplaining doesn’t fly.

Nor does transsplaining.

There is a whole new crowd of kids coming along and hopefully in a generation or so the phenomena of people coming out in middle age will be a thing of the past.  Hopefully the whole Transgender Community will wither on the vine along with the politicos and professional activists of the whole LGBT Inc begging industry.

Some one posed the question of what advice I would give Jazz or any of the public transkids.  My advice would be, “Get your SRS, change your name.  Leave the Transgender Community and assimilate into the world of non trans-folks.

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  1. JinianVictoria Herdina Says:

    Bravo! Well said

  2. Sharon Gaughan Says:

    “My advice would be, ‘Get your SRS, change your name. Leave the Transgender Community and assimilate into the world of non trans-folks’.”

    Amen, Sister …

    • Suzan Says:

      Since when did the goal of transition require becoming a conference going public transgender warrior. All most of these folks seem to do is trash each other on social media while jockeying to attain the position of publicly recognized trans-activist. It is sort of like the vegans who often seem to only be vegan because of the status it gives.

  3. Rachel Says:

    “hopefully in a generation or so the phenomena of people coming out in middle age will be a thing of the past. Hopefully the whole Transgender Community will wither on the vine”

    Do you honestly believe that will ever happen? that “late” transitioners will no longer occur? and that the transgender community will cease to exist?

    Jazz and her like have had so much publicity and her life is so accessible to the worlds population (thanks to television and the internet) that her past will precede her for the rest of her days. girls like her will be the very reason the community continues to exist. THEY will be the ones who need “support” because they can’t disappear, who need laws to try and stop people treating them differently.

    It’s all by design, the fetishests won and they did it because some of us were stupid soft or kind and helped them.

    But then, you don’t honestly think that what you’ve written in this post will scare them or make them feel threatened do you?

    It’s just a “vent” right suzan? you’ll be back to your old inclusive self tomorrow.

    • Suzan Says:

      It’s a vent. But I’m tired of the whole Transgender Borg bit. I’ve been dumping Facebook friends left and right, people who seem to have zero lives outside of being transactivists. I’m tired of the degradation of the language and the abuse of women by the self proclaimed transgender warriors. Transgender’s focus on gender determining who is or isn’t a woman is diametrically in opposition to feminism. It is like the corporate message of buy this or that or you are not really a woman.

      Then there is the whole bit about identity trumping action. Action speaks far louder than words.

      Back in 1972 we used to say, “Surgery makes it real. Without surgery you may claim you are transsexual but you aren’t any different from the queens working the streets of the ‘Loin.” Now it seems like imagining or fantasizing about being transgender, equals complete transition socially and medically including surgery.

      I hope to hell most of the transkids go stealth. The Transgender Community is a poisonous negative place to dwell, living there negates having the life that used to be the purpose of getting SRS.

      I sometimes feel like Larry Kramer, only instead of casting a critical eye on the gay world I cast a highly critical eye on the trans-world.

      This blog has never really been only about transsexual or transgender. It has been a personal blog about life after transsexual, life after the reason for even calling yourself transsexual is in the distant past.

      Inclusive is an over used word. Human rights are, have to be inalienable as in belonging to all. If they only belong to some then they are privilege.

      People better not look to me for “support.” I left that role in 1973. I could have pursued becoming a social worker but felt no vocation to do that.

      These days I’m an old hippie dyke with politics that piss off both the progressives and the right wing. I support Israel and the right of armed self defense. I think the right wing is nothing but a bunch of Anti-Christ worshiping moronic Nazis at the beck and call of Wall Street.

      I’m anti-growth, anti mindless consumption, pro population control. I believe in rewarding those who never procreate and disincetivizing those who have more than one.

      I’m a meat eating, outlaw country , jazz and classic rock loving hippie who fits in better with common straight working class people than I do with the LGBT middle class progressive folks. Yet I am probably better educated than most folks even though I don’t have degrees, at least in some areas.

      Being inclusive isn’t really a goal of this blog. I would rather it be interesting and provoke people to think.

      • Rachel Says:

        I’ve commented here before and been berated by you and Teena for my opinions. Told I should come back a few years after surgery, that things change. That I was pre-op and (thus) wouldn’t know anything, called a HBS’er (I guess that’s supposed to be a slur, but in truth I don’t give to much of a shit what people call me as long as it isn’t “transgender”)

        What I believe is that I am and always have been a realist, interestingly, I am a few years after surgery now and no, (for me) things haven’t changed, not my feelings or opinions anyway, life has got much better though.

        With what you’ve written in your comment, you and I might get along well in theory, but in practise I doubt it and that is for the very same reason that caused me to be berated previously (and will probably see me berated again for this comment).

        Perhaps back in your era surgery made it “real” but I (personally) don’t believe that’s true (not now at least). I’ve sat in a room with 30 pre and newly post SRS patients and not believed a single one of them knew what it was to live a single day as a girl or woman (or even a transsexual for that matter) in the real world.

        Jazz and the young trans-kids (as you call them) will never know that now either, ’cause thanks to Transgender and its propaganda parents are so damn terrified and uninformed about the life their transsexual daughter can or will have that they (irreversibly) “out” their child long before that child itself has the wisdom to understand the repercussions of such an action.

        I care about kids, kids can’t defend themselves, I don’t give a toss about grown adults trying to escape a reality they simply don’t enjoy (a reality they’ve most often created for themselves).

        If that makes me stupid, naive, a HBS’er, some kind of self perceived elitist, a bigot or a bad person, well that’s certainly unfortunate.

        • Suzan Says:

          BTW my life partner’s name is Tina. If you got called an HBSer it was because you were espusing the ideology of the HBS crowd.

        • Suzan Says:

          What is your problem? I don’t live in a narcissistic bubble where I spend my time obsessing about I am the only real transsexual or that if people don’t live their lives to my exact rules then they aren’t real. I personally despise the HBS mindset every bit as much as the Transgender Borg mindset.

          I’ve noticed a serious degradation of activism since the rise of the internet and the rise of identity politics.

          It really doesn’t matter to me what people identify as. That is their right. the problem is that identity without action is something that takes place only in one’s head. Further in order to maximize numbers the virtual transgender community started selectively including the imaginers in with people who actually lived 24/7. Only they were a tad homophobic about this and excluded drag queens so you have self proclaimed gender queers who live in the academic world, their parent’s basement or where ever but not queens who live in the streets doing sex work. They are only really counted when they are murdered.

          What you don’t seem to get is that people’s world views rarely stay the same over a lifetime. One of the more repressive demands of identity communities be they religious or transgender or any other is the lifetime allegiance to an ideology. Like Scientology the Transgender Borg form virtual lynch mobs to attack those who deviate from their ideology. I notice the HBS faction is guilty of the same thing.

          As for Jazz and the transkids who are out in public… She may well cling to her 15 minutes of fame before slipping into obscurity. But then she may not. One has to work amazingly hard to stay in the public eye. Even keeping up a minor level of public visibility such as being a small time blogger and getting more than a dozen hits a day takes a lot of work and the pay sucks.

          People discover they have other priorities that are more productive or more fun.

          • Suzan Says:

            Rachel… I looked at your Blog. All I can offer is an old Buddhist saying, “What do you do while on the path to enlightenment? Chop wood, get water. What do you do after you attain enlightenment? Chop wood, get water.

            SRS makes every thing real because you can no longer say after I get SRS then I will be… After you get SRS a whole lot of excuses vanish. Then it is up to you to go out and live your life. SRS makes it real because once those physical steps are taken they can’t be undone and you have to live with the results.

            After SRS you are no longer special. Just one of about 3.6 billion women. Time to let go of the magical thinking that there is some sort of perfect spot you will get to. You’ve finished the physical transition, now go out and live. Don’t go all OC on plastic surgery because that won’t fix what is inside. Go out and live, do the things you enjoy, make a sandwich the way you like it and dine on it. March to the beat of your own inner drummer.

            When I read your post I found myself thinking that you are projecting your own inner conflicts upon others. You don’t have control of others, you only have control over you.

          • Rachel Says:

            what is my problem?….. Lol! see, there ya go sweet’s, just like I said a few days and you’re back at it, back to your old inclusively indignant self.

            I’d like to think my work here is done! you’re welcome! 😛

            I certainly must have a few problems mustn’t I? probably too many to discuss here, but I’m pretty confident you probably know them well enough yourself anyway.

            A better question might be: what is your problem with me?

            No, I never subscribed to the “Hbs’er” way of thinking, you just assumed I did because I have a lot of “old school” opinions (which I suspect you think I learned and regurgitated from that crowd, but no, I’m my own person and am capable of independent thought, I read the book and no, I don’t think harry got it “right”).

            No, my parents didn’t love or support me any more than yours did you.

            No I wasn’t rich.

            No I wasn’t well educated.

            anything else?

            You’re not a narc’ huh? have you read back through your blog and the comments you leave any time recently?

            thank you for the buddist proverb, I’ll remember it, and I’ll be waiting for you at the wood pile when you attain enlightenment.

  4. Rachel Says:

    I apologise, I did not intentionally spell her name incorrectly.

    • tinagrrl Says:

      Rachel, do you honestly think any 75 year old woman would call herself “Teena”?

      All that aside — I guess you have never read what we have written over the years.

      WBT was originally a revolt against “Transgender”. The complete phrase is, “Woman born transsexual — but still a woman”. It seems that was not radical enough for those who espouse “HBS”.

      Our stance on transgender “inclusion” is based on the fact that ALL people deserve basic human rights. ALL people are entitled to respect for their persons, their beings. They are entitled to physical safety. As far as kids go, don’t you think it’s better that a young child seamlessly transition to their real selves prior to puberty? Don’t you think it better they actually experience what it means to BE a woman from an early age?

      I think what many “late transitioners” see as “transphobia” is actually coming face to face with the misogyny that permeates all of society — “West” and “East”. I also think many “late transitioners” fail to take into consideration their prior privilege – and enhanced economic condition – due largely to living as men in male positions (work). Many who continue in these jobs after transition due so because of prior “pioneers” who fought for economic justice. I suspect many of these “pioneers” would not pass the “realness” test many self-proclaimed HBS folks demand of ALL others. I also suspect many HBS folk do not “pass” their own tests.

      The reason I tell newly post-op folk to come back after two or three years in the real world is simply that experience destroys many illusions. In my case, I ceased being “read” constantly after I stopped using make up, stopped TRYING so hard, and realized I was “just another woman”. I’m of the opinion that fear and trying TOO hard handicaps many of us. I see this extreme insistence on almost unattainable levels of “realness” (whatever that is) to be a manifestation of fear. After all, woman come in all shapes and sizes.

      I also feel that many of the folks who espouse HBS are highly homophobic. They also seem to think THEY “did it all alone” and that others who do not reach THEIR “levels” (whatever the HELL that is) are “flawed”, not as “real”, and in every way “inferior”.

      Neither the “everyone is who they say they are” Transgender” folks, nor the “I’m the only TRUE transsexual woman” folks make any sense to me.

      • Rachel Says:

        Hi Tina, I expected you’d probably throw your $.02 in

        Yes, this blog was originally about that, somewhere along the line it seemed to change.

        How long have you two been together now anyway?

        As for the spelling, I made a human mistake, I apologised, I’m sure someone who was strong enough to last as long as you did before getting SRS will be able to forgive me, let go and move on huh?

        • Suzan Says:

          Rachel there is a reason you are on permanent moderation. I read some of your past posts. Find some place else to dump your bile.

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    Rachel, you seem to make an awful lot of assumptions about me, while claiming we cannot make any about you — even though they are based on what you write. My post about my name was sent prior to your apology. — however, I doubt that will satisfy you.

    My $.02? Was that meant to anger or upset me? Perhaps you do not realize that I am one of the folks who coined the idea of “Woman Born Transsexual”. I also said, many years ago, “There is no future being the ‘T’ in ‘LGBT’.” Or have you forgotten that? My stance on that has not changed.

    At the very same time, I’m not anti-LGB. I support the goals of equality for ALL folks. I can be an ally, without buying into the ideology.

    To me, the “Transgender – Borg” is a dead end — especially for transsexual folks.

    How long I survived before transition is really none of your business. Nor is the length of my relationship with Suzan. Once again a sign of the extent of your nastiness.

    I wish you well — but will not go as far as to end this post with (((HUGS)))!.

    Over the years I’ve made my position clear. If any of those upset you — O.K., that’s what you believe. I rarely post to this or any other trans-themed blog. It’s just that your tone required a reply. I really hope you feel better soon.

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