Zoey Tur: When the Transgender Borg Throw Out the Rules of Etiquette with Regards to Former Names

Heaven help the tran-man or trans-woman who voices an opinion contrary to the agreed upon Transgender Borg Manual of Right thought, Right Speech.

Some months ago two long time trans-activists, Andrea James and Calpernia Addams were on the receiving end of communal abuse for their opinion regarding a word which until very recently was in common usage among various groups of trans-folks albeit trans-folks of the lower socioeconomic classes who were often employed in the profession of dispensing personalized sexual services.

Never mind that dispensing of this word which will not be mentioned left folks with awkward phrase constructions such as  _____ Bars and _____ Chasers.

Political Correctness uber Alles.

I haven’t really followed this story nor have I had the energy to dig into it in anything but a superficial manner.  That’s one of those problems with actually having crises in a real 3D life.  You don’t have the time or energy to get involved in bullshit fights regarding political correctness.

It appears that Zoey Tur’s thought crime against the Pure Thought, Pure speech wing of the Transgender Borg amounted to her suggesting that pre-ops or newly in transition folks show a little fucking common sense when it comes to invading women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

I can’t be bothered arguing about what she said.

That isn’t the point. What is the point is the trashing people are now engaged is vastly worse than any sin Zoey may have committed.

Seems like folks who should know better.  People like Dana Beyer and Monica Roberts are engaged in a contest to see who can hurl the most mud at Zoey Tur.


Huffington Post: Locker Room Frenzy Returns: Planet Fitness, Zoey Tur and the Politics of False Movement Messiahs

TransGriot: The Mounting Problems With Zoey

Why are people who are supposedly serious activists suddenly channeling Jennifer Usher?  What’s with the use of Zoey’s birth name and the seeming willingness to malgender her?

Grow the fuck up.

Why does it seem as though engaging in  ad hominem attacks has become a part of being a trans-activist.

I have already developed a negative bias with regards to self proclaimed professional community activists, thanks for nurturing my negative feelings.

3 Responses to “Zoey Tur: When the Transgender Borg Throw Out the Rules of Etiquette with Regards to Former Names”

  1. Taco Queen Says:

    She basically libeled Carlotta who did nothing wrong. Carlotta asked them what she was supposed to do and she did it. Zoey is using her perch of privilege to attack her and has an agenda that appears to be heading down the TS separatist path which you know I am painfully intimate with.

    • Suzan Says:

      People have the right to their own opinions and to be wrong without the sort of trashing one would expect from a Jennifer Usher.

      Here are people who wish to be respected as activists hopping in to the mud pit for WWE mud wrestling event.

      Last year a that asshole Parker Malloy got into it with Calpernia Addams and Anderea James. Turns out Parker Malloy tried to bully another sister into committing suicide.

      All the strumm un drang over the word “trannie”.

      Fuck it all I’m post-transsexual and I have a life in the real world. The professional mud wrestlers aka activists can have their transgender community and their Stalinistic fucking word games.

      I have better things to do.

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