Women Born Transsexual Will Be Around For At Least Another Year

In December I started getting notices reminding me it was time for that yearly payment to the gods of domain name registration.

The last few days I found myself thinking,”Maybe it is time to just say ‘fuck it’ and let the blog die.”

During the first few years I had this blog, I found myself fighting with both the HBSers and the Transgender Borg, as I tried to offer an alternative to either extreme.

The HBSers seem to have vanished in their own bile and hate, fighting about purity among themselves until all that remained were a few embittered isolated souls.

The Borg on the other hand are fed by armies of newbees, all signing over their individuality to march in politically correct lock step with other transgender folk.

Me? I ain’t a marching anymore. I’m old and have a life.

Senior citizen and old woman are statuses that are far more real to me than any that involve words with trans-prefixes.

Being old means remembering and having a nostalgia for the past, a time when the music was better and the politics less bitter.

I never saw being “trans” whether you use transgender or transsexual as a permanent status.  I always saw the mopping everyone possible up in some sort of political bloc as a mistake.  Mostly because I have about as much interest in being part of the “transgender community” as I have in being part of the “Catholic community”. Membership in either was due to an accident of birth and not a shared affiliation.

A few years back I came up with the idea of post-transsexual, life beyond transition, beyond all the infighting and jockeying for fame as a trans-activist that goes on within the transgender community.

When this blog first started Marriage Equality seemed a long way off, now it seems like a done deal or at least a nearly done deal.  Even here in Texas we are often asked if we are married.  Here social acceptance on the part of many is preceding legal reality.

Even the larger LGBT community seems as though it is for someone else, perhaps the young and single.  Marriage has been a great force for assimilation for older LGBT folks, particularly couples in long term relationships.

The political litmus tests for being considered either a radical or left wing activist have left me adrift.  I actually think that Obama has done a better job than people give him credit for.  He has had all sorts of partisan opposition, yet managed to pass the Affordable Care Act, imperfect though it may be it opened the door to the idea of universal medical care.

Obama has been attacked by those on the left for his use of drones and focused attacks against terrorists, attacks that have a far lower number of unintended casualties than say invasions of massive air strikes.

I support Israel, something that is anathema to many on the left.  I also support the right of citizens to keep and bear arms for purposes of self defense.

After some internal debate I decided to give this blog another year, if for no other reason than the feeling that there has to be someone who says it is possible to have a life after SRS that isn’t filled with hatred towards transgender people, even when one thinks their momentary political crazes are pretty off the wall.

I think it is good for people to have someone who had SRS nearly a half century ago to look to and see that is is possible to transition and live into old age.

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