Am I Transgender Anymore?

Answer:  Transgender is a political identity.  You are only transgender if you continue to identify as transgender.  I use post-transsexual to describe life after SRS and transition.

From Huffington Post:

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  1. tinagrrl Says:

    “Am I transgender anymore?”


    You are a postoperative transsexual. You are a woman — no matter what anyone says. For post-transsexual folks, “transgender” is a trap that does not allow you to reach your full potential. It keeps you in a ghetto, be it a real ghetto, or one you have constructed.

    That does not mean you cannot support trans causes, trans people — after all, as folks who have jumped through the looking glass, backwards with our eyes closed (I don’t care how well you have planned – there are always surprises) it behooves you to support the rights of ALL people.

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