When Parents Are Criminalized: Couple In Trouble for Letting Their Kids Walk Unsupervised

From Alternet:  http://www.alternet.org/maryland-parents-legal-trouble-letting-their-kids-walk-alone

Authorities tell parents they may lose their kids; tell kids a stranger will grab them.

By Cliff Weathers
January 15, 2015

A Maryland couple is in trouble with law authorities because they let their kids walk around the neighborhood without hovering over them.

Danielle and Alexander Meitiv say that their neighbors have called the local police and Child Protective Services because their children, ages 10 and 6, have been spotted walking to two area playgrounds without adult supervision. One playground is a mile away from the Meitiv’s home in Silver Springs, while the other is just two blocks down.

In a letter to Reason.com, Danielle Meitiv recalls a December 20 incident involving the police:

“On a Saturday afternoon in December, my husband, Alexander, gave our kids permission to walk home from the local playground. I was out of town at the time. When they’d walked about halfway, a Montgomery County Police patrol car pulled up. A ‘helpful’ neighbor had called 911 to report unaccompanied children walking outside. Our kids were brought home in a police cruiser.

At the door the police officer asked to see my husband’s ID, but did not explain why. When he refused, she called for backup.

A total of six patrol cars showed up.”

The Meitivs say that law enforcement authorities and social services representatives have questioned their children while at school, and without their knowledge or consent and that the investigation infringes on their rights as parents to raise their children in a manner that they see fit. The parents also say the authorities asked their 10-year-old son what he would do if seized by a strange adult. According to Alexander Meitiv, they told his son that “there are creeps out there that are just waiting to grab children if they’re walking by themselves.”

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4 Responses to “When Parents Are Criminalized: Couple In Trouble for Letting Their Kids Walk Unsupervised”

  1. georgiakevin Says:

    This is soo wrong!

    • Suzan Says:

      I grew up in small rural towns of far north NY state. From the age of 7 or 8 I ran in the woods, climbed rocks and trees, had BB guns, hatchets, knives, bows and arrows. I rode my bicycle to the lake in the summer. Fished and picked berries in the woods without supervision.

      At 12 I got myself a job driving tractor at a farm down the road. Had a shotgun and hunted for birds and rabbits.

      By the age of 20 I had the guts to travel cross country to SF where I started the process of changing sex.

      Trusting the skills of survival I had learned from the cradle.

      What will happen to these sheltered and coddled, cocooned children who never learn to take risks and get hurt only to get back up.

      Here in Texas there is an expression for either sex: Cowboy up/Cowgirl up. It means getting up off the ground after a horse has thrown you and climbing back up into the saddle.

      Where will these kids learn to Cowgirl up/Cowboy up?

      • georgiakevin Says:

        You were very brave to do what you did and when you did it. i agree with what you say. Kids can’t use power mowers to cut lawns for their neighbors because they might get hurt and the list goes on and on…………..sigh so very sad not just for our children but for all of us.

        • Suzan Says:

          It was a time, an era. Young men I went to high school with were being sent to Vietnam. Others were resisting the draft. We put our lives on the line. We dared imagine an alternative way of life to the gray world of corporatism and consumption. We took LSD and demanded honesty of ourselves.

          We thought for ourselves and questioned authority.

          So they had to make sure they never raised another generation like us.

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