24-Year-Old Trans Man Dies By Suicide in Pittsburgh

From Huffington Post:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sue-kerr/24-year-old-trans-man-die_b_6401542.html?utm_hp_ref=gay-voices


On Saturday, December 13, 2014, 24-year-old Andi Woodhouse died by suicide near the 10th Street Bridge in Pittsburgh. Andi was from Lebanon, PA. He was in Pittsburgh temporarily for some services and he worked at a local McDonald’s.

I remember reading about his death, but he was misgendered in the original article. I had no idea he was part of our community.

Andi’s ex-girlfriend Kasey saw my post about Leelah Alcorn and reached out to me on Facebook. Andi’s family is grieving very deeply and hopes to organize some sort of closure event memorializing Andi as well as encouraging other young trans people. The tentative plan is to meet Saturday, January 3 near the 10th Street Bridge.

Andi’s family has requested that memorial contributions may be made to Mental Health America of Lancaster County, 630 Janet Ave., Lancaster, PA 17601 or Transgender Foundation of America, 604 Pacific Street, Houston TX 77006.

I did not expect once again to be blogging about the impact of the death of a young trans person, not 24 hours after my most recent post. Do I just copy the words from the previous day? Do I focus on setting up a memorial? What do I do except feel angry and sad?

Andi was right here. He walked the streets that I walk, his life ended on a bridge I cross regularly. He was right here in Pittsburgh and we didn’t know. He was right here, just blocks from community resources that I help to build and support and promote. He was right here.

I knew this day was coming, a day that I wrote about the death of a member of our community here in Pittsburgh. I just did not anticipate how much it would hurt. And how much it would be about my feelings.

Andi is the third trans person to die by suicide in a month in addition to Leelah Alcorn and Jay Ralko. Pittsburgh police are also searching for 34-year-old Andre Gray, a gay man of color who has been missing since October.

Rest in peace, Andi. I hope we can help your family and friends find peace, too…

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