Twitteratti and E-Trans-Activists Behaving Badly

I abhor vigilantism and lynch mobs.

They generally accomplish nothing and generate sympathy for those targeted.

For some 50 years I have listened to non-violence activists warn of the dangers of becoming as bad as those who do violence against us.

Leelah’s suicide is a tragedy.

Having had friends I loved commit suicide I can empathize with the pain and recriminations her parents must be facing at this time.

Hounding them won’t bring Leelah back, nor will it prevent more trans-folks from taking their lives.

It is a new year…

Time to support organizations like Trans Lifeline  1-877-565-8860.

Make a donation in Leelah’s name.  The next time a Facebook Friend writes a message of desperation on their wall reach out to them with an encouraging word.

Answer pleas for help.

Last fall, Tina and I issued a plea for help when we were in a desperate situation and many of our friends responded and their help saved us from foreclosure.

Community isn’t just about activism or identity it is about being there and being sensitive when one hears a cry for help.

We can end reparative therapy and sue those practicing it until they are homeless.  That would be a good thing.

But with age I have gained some measure of wisdom and experience tells me no good will come of trashing Leelah’s parents.  Indeed more good might come from showing them kindness and sympathy.