Parker Molloy Resigns From Advocate, Lashes Out At Former Colleagues

From Queerty:

Oct 31, 2014

After and freelance writer Parker Molloy quietly parted ways this month, it took less than three weeks for her to go on the attack. Molloy’s latest tirade was apparently triggered by a phone call in which a customer service rep mistakenly assumed Molloy was male. Molloy took to Twitter to vent, first trolling SNL comedian Michael Che before trolling editor Lucas Grindley and his staff with a profanity-laced diatribe.

In addition to going after Grindley, Molloy slammed Grand Editorial executives Matthew Breen and Aaron Hicklin, as well as Here Media’s Diane Anderson-Minshall and Tracy Gilchrist, claiming their “transphobia” and coverage of celebrities associated with trans issues are “on par with Breitbart,” the right-wing news site. Molloy also criticized their coverage of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out column:

Hey, gay media throwing a fit because Tim Cook didn’t come out during a product launch (instead, choosing some personal tact), fuck off. Also, fuck all of you (looking at you, @outmagazine) who have outed him without consent for years. Oh, BTW, I’ve chosen to not write at explicitly LGBT outlets like @outmagazine (only 1 piece there) or @TheAdvocateMag anymore bc this shit.

Molloy has a history of lashing out at former colleagues, including editors at HuffPost Gay Voices and Thought Catalog.

Grindley had welcomed Molloy back to in October following Molloy’s one-month suspension. Although the nonprofit Trans Violence Tracking Portal issued an advisory about Molloy following her verbal attacks on a trans woman, Grindley’s team assigned Molloy to cover anti-trans violence anyway.

Other reports of Molloy’s behavior began to surface after her return, including an incident where Molloy was enraged at a nonprofit that honors trans community members. Molloy vowed to punish the nonprofit, saying she’d be “freezing them out of anything I ever write” for not acknowledging her journalistic efforts.

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2 Responses to “Parker Molloy Resigns From Advocate, Lashes Out At Former Colleagues”

  1. anne rose blayk Says:

    Parker Molloy is a posturing ass, a “writer for Rolling Stone” who had exactly ONE article published there, and who rejoices in dumping steaming piles of Identity-Laced bullshit all over other gender-variant persons – especially transsexual women, who just aren’t hip to the obeisance due to this “trans ‘woman’ nouveau” arriviste, who knows so much better than we do what “true trans” is all about, because she has a degree! In “media”!

    I don’t have real problems with people who are gender-variant but not quite as cross-gendered as I am, but shitslingers deserve to be buried beneath of wave of public indifference… Molloy is a cad, a fraud, and a shallow act, not a “journalist” by any stretch of the imagination.

    Anne Rose Blayk

    PS: I say “phooey” on the “transgender blanket” in general, as a bogus theoretical perspective on gender variation (“It’s all the same, really!” — NOT), but I really don’t want to go too far with that… hey, crossdressers have to live too, and are most of those guys miserable? YOU BET! I think it would be a Good Thing if they could be brought around to being more open about their lives – just think if they all came out at once, in a kind of General Strike for Crossdresser rights?

    I’m not saying I want the hot-to-trot het crowd among them using the women’s “just because,” but just the same.

    PPS: I hope you’re coping OK, Suzan: I wish I could offer you help, at least in the form of more encouragement and praise for your work, but my world is a pile of shit at the moment, too. :-/

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