Don’t Assume that just Because I am a Post-Transsexual Dyke…

Some things you shouldn’t assume.

Don’t assume that just because I’m an old dyke I want to go to the Michigan Wymonz Muzack Festival. As much as I like the country I haven’t any desire to sleep on the ground when there are perfectly good beds to be had.

Besides which I pride myself in having really eclectic musical tastes and while I might well listen to some of the artists who play the MWMF there are many I have never heard of.

I also like to support local music and musicians.

I haven’t a clue as to local lesbian bars.  My partner and I don’t drink.

I don’t do Pride Day.  It is generally really freaking hot, parking is non-existent and I am usually at work.  Besides I’m old and I’ve been there and done that… Way too many times.

I don’t know any trans-bars or local organizations/rap groups. I had SRS well over 40 years ago and every traumatic transition story is basically the same.  Time to give young folks the pride of doing their part and being activists.

What’s a “genderqueer”? (Snark) We used to say people doing “genderqueer” were doing “Gender Fuck”.  Back in the post-1960s people understood camp and detournement, today everyone is so freaking deadly serious and expect you to automatically know and use proper pronouns even when they made those pronouns up.

I’m a vanilla crunchy old hippie dyke.  I think all the emphasis on gender is really retro and conservative. I don’t do BDSM…  If it floats your boat… Whatever… I too have hobbies that some think are strange, like going to a gun range and shooting my 9mm.

Same sex marriage is more important to me now I am old than it used to be.  I used to think it reactionary but I’ve seen how the powers that be fuck over unmarried people, particularly old folks when one partner dies.

I vote Democratic.  I’m pretty much a working class Democrat.  Don’t assume I embrace “identity politics”.  I don’t.  I think they are a curse that keeps people from supporting progressive politics.

I don’t like the police state.  I think it is time to end the drug prohibition, in part because I think pot might help with the pain in my hands and other joints. I oppose most progressives on matters of gun control and think many of the roots of gun control are both racist and classist.

I believe in unions and I am skeptical of the efficacy of anti-discrimination laws in a world where workers have no real rights.  In that sort of world anti-discrimination laws seem like a diversion.

I know it is trendy for progressives to be anti-Israel.  I support Israel, I think it is the only real democracy in the Middle East, the only place in the region where women and LGBT people have any real rights.  Besides Israel is one of our strongest and best allies.

Don’t assume I like pop music or give a rat’s ass about various divas.  Or cable shows featuring TG-folks.  I’ve never seen Orange is the New Black.  Yes Laverne Cox is a great advocate for TS/TG folks but I could barely put up with “The L-Word” and prison dramas… Well there are way too many folks actually in prison and I doubt any dramas do them justice.

I’m an old hippie.  I like roots music, interesting food. I work to be able to live. I don’t live to work and earn lots of money for my employer. I do art, play music and the like because I like doing it, not because I’m really good at it and can make lots of money.

I may be post-transsexual but I don’t own any high heels, I prefer athletic shoes and Birkenstocks. I don’t wear make-up and consider fashion a bore. Actually I consider fashion rather stupid, “Vogue on the outside, vague on the inside.”

I’m not a member of the Transgender Community… It came along long after I was post-transition.  I have TS/TG friends. I support the rights but the drama and fighting gets to me. I think calling transsexuals who claim that label elitists is fucked up  Everyone else gets to pick their own labels why not transsexuals?

While I’m at it transsexuals have the right to experience life after SRS as individuals and not according to the ideology of some committee made up of transgender authorities.

Stop assuming we are all the same. I’m working class, a hippie, a crunchy dyke.  My experiences make me different than a middle class person who came in middle age after a marriage and fully developed career.  We don’t have all that much in common.

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  1. Lisa Jain Thompson Says:

    Half a middle-aged married couple, having beat the Old Dominion into submission, we both still work because we like what do.

    I remember walking down Telegraph straight from my job up the road at the DMV
    and being asked if I had any spare change. I only wore my work drag once; afterwards, I wore Levis and tee shirt (and never got asked for spare change – Post-Grad and a Masters, I was still younger than many of the Berkeley students) Wonder if we ever crossed paths?

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