Questioning Group Think

When I was a young hippie woman I used to wear a button that said, “Question Authority.”  Questioning Authority seemed like the best policy then and it still does.

It is one of those rules  like, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Every single day for the last six months I have been getting 20-40 emails from various elected officials telling me how the sky is falling and how we are doomed if I don’t give them money I don’t have.

My partner and I are really going through some hard times after a series of minor disasters combined into a major disaster.

Things are bad to the point of my selling off my trans-library and archives on  eBay and our looking for things to sell on Craig’s List/FaceBook Swap Meets.

Mostly though,  the pitches combined with a growing feeling that both the Democrats and the Republicans actually represent the interests of Wall Street, the Banks, and the ultra rich  leave me feeling apathetic.

It sometimes seems as though the two parties met in a big board room and dealt out a bunch of cards with freedom denying special interests on them that became the make or break issues.

I’m old enough to remember when both parties had leaders who banged heads of their parties various morons and stubborn jerks until the two parties were able to work out compromises.

But then too I’m also old enough to remember when there were actual newscasts on television instead of propagandists pounding their particular messages in to the heads of the sheeple that follow them 24/7.

In June we were doing a swap meet in a small town where the cable service in our hotel room was out.  I picked up a trashy action thriller paperback and realized I actually enjoyed reading something other than “non-fiction” propaganda.

Face it many of the social critics wrote one book which they issued under many different titles.  Considering the stress we are under I’d much rather read formula fiction from Lee Child or some other fiction writer.

I mean it doesn’t take some genius prognosticator to see that mankind has totally fucked up and we are rapidly heading into what preppers call TEOWAWKI (The End Of the World As We Know It) and the SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan).

Butter has gone up some $2 since the start of the year.  Our food supply is being impacted by major drought.  We have well over 7 billion people and most people seem unwilling to recognize that population is at the root of all the multitude of disasters that are coming home to roost.

At the same time activism has fallen victim to the false allure of Identity Politics, where allegiance to and commitment to the group and group think has replaced individual thought and any questioning of authority. Woe unto the person who deviates from the Stalinistic approach to group think.  People who are wannabee activists, aka make a middle class living doing activism will mount Twitter Campaigns and troll you into submitting to criticism/self-criticism, aka forced confessions, or face social ostracism for heresy.  I know about such campaigns.  Nearly 15 years ago I was subjected to one that lasted over two years.  I came very close to suicide.

When it comes to Transgender Group think, I am a heretic, an infidel, a non-believer.  I honestly don’t give a shit.  Rights are rights and bullshit is bullshit.  I support the rights and try my damnedest  to ignore the bullshit.

We divided people up into these identity factions, told them that is the be all and end all of their existences.

When someone asserts we must be “out and proud” trans-women, I am forced to ask, “Why?”

Being transsexual/transgender isn’t the same thing as being gay.  It just plain isn’t.

For us coming out equals transition and living the sex/gender of our core being.  That doesn’t equate with being out and proud.  That equates with living the sex/gender of our core being.  They are two different things.

I have a lot of trans-friends on FaceBook and when they aren’t posting about being trans they aren’t really different from non-trans-folks.  Those of us who are old have the same problems as old non-trans-folks.

I realize there are trans-folks out there who want to celebrate their trans-ness and that’s okay but lay off the trip pushing.  Your trip is not my trip. Trans-folks are very diverse people with diverse politics and likes/dislikes.

We face a very hard future.  Identity politics has been a major part of the problem that has got us in the situation we are in.

I really don’t give a shit if a change of direction and way of doing political activism means the whole current crop of activist suddenly winds up working the floor in big box stores.

We need a new direction.  We need to rethink the dogma.