Transparent? Meh…

I haven’t watched “Orange is the New Black.”

I don’t spend money on Netflix and have no intention of starting.  Actually I wouldn’t watch it if it were free on a channel I do get.

“Transparent” has zero appeal.  I probably wouldn’t be bothered watching it if I were paid to do so.

I honestly have no interest what so ever in the fictionalized drama of elderly/middle age transition.

I have far more interesting stories in real life.

Seriously at any particular time I have at least a couple of people on Facebook who have friended me because I am a pioneer of sorts and honestly I’d much rather put energy into giving a real person a few words of encouragement than get into some sort of fictionalized character.

My world doesn’t revolve around the trans-community to the exclusion of other communities, nor do my cultural interests.

Telling someone to hang in there and that things will get better might be enough to get them through a bad patch.  A helping hand, even a place to crash for a night or two, encouraging some one to start 12 stepping or seek help if they are on a kamikaze course might just save a life.

But when it comes to movie I tend to like stupid action flix with lots of car chases, kung-fu, explosions and gun fights.  I’d rather curl up with an Andrew Vachss or Lee Child’s book than yet another trans-book.  I groove on outlaw country and hard core roots music along with jazz.

Sometimes I think the whole idea of “trans-identity/trans-community” seems way too obsessive.

I guess what I’m saying is that I like what Laverne Cox has to say as an activist but there isn’t much chance of my reviewing or commenting on “Orange is the New Black.”

As for “Transparent”… Don’t get me started on the drag face aspect and don’t hold your breath on me ever watching it much less reviewing it.

There is more chance I’ll watch “Dallas Buyer’s Club” mainly because it is free on demand now and because I like Matthew McConaughey.