Please Make a Donation

I don’t make a habit of asking my readers for donations.

This blog has been a labor of love and a way of sharing news I think it is important for readers to be aware of.

Last December shortly before Christmas the expansion tank on our hot water heater burst.  The hot water heater was in the attic, a design aimed at improving water pressure.

Unfortunately when the expansion tank ruptured it flooded our house.

We had been planning on selling our current house and downsizing due to our economic circumstances.

We have been fighting with the insurers since last December in an attempt to get our house repaired.

We are in dire straits.

Last week we received a notice that the Home Owners Association has place a foreclosure lien on our house and we will be forced out unless we can come up with a couple of thousand dollars.

Over and above that we are in arrears on our mortgage.

We have the support of friends who will do the repairs and help us sell the house once the insurance company settles our claim.

As you already know I have been selling off my library.

My partner and I are senior citizens.

I have been a life long activist and have fought the good fight as well as struggling with personal issues for nearly fifty years.

I was one of the pioneers of the LGBT community and one of the early pioneers of the TS/TG Movement.

Everything we have is tied up in our house at this time.

We are at a loss as to what we will do if we lose the house and are unable to sell it and move into something where we can afford to continue to live.

I always prided myself on my independence, my strength and ability to survive without asking others for much help.

I was the one others came to for help.

Now I am the one asking you to not only hit the donations button on the left hand side of the blog, but I am asking you to spread the word that I need help in the form of donations to survive.

The button will take you to Paypal.

Anything you can afford to donate will be greatly appreciated.

2 Responses to “Please Make a Donation”

  1. princesadelayla Says:

    Ive sent you 100 dollars, I sure hope you get enough money together and get through this. Love Layla

    • Suzan Says:

      Thank you so much for your incredible generosity. I treasure you as a friend even though we have never met in 3D and I still love your vehicle.

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