Friday Night Fun and Culture: Paul Butterfield

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  1. Edith Pilkington Says:

    Here’s a shot of Maria Muldaur at 1965 Newport Folk Festival watching the Butterfield Band a day or two before Bloomfield and Sam Lay and Jerome Arnold got up there with Dylan to do his very controversial electric set. According to her they, the Butterfield Band, tore the place up, regardless of anything Alan Lomax might have said about them:

    I got to meet Paul and hang back stage with him ten years later at the 1975 New England Blues Festival, where I had been working, while we were watching Muddy Waters and his band play, just before he came on after Muddy finished. He put his arm around me and had a grin as wide as the Missouri River gets, as we both watched in utter amazement. He was in his element. Words won’t do, right now. Bloomfield and Butterfield were rare human beings. Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth were on the bill that day along w/ Taj Mahal, Freddie King and a few others. Remember Tracy? Picking up Freddie at the airport was something else. Words won’t do, right now.

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